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Auction Sale Of Express Parcels

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Ono of tbc most stirring occasions in tbo routine of expresa duties is tbo sale by auotion of fciie "oíd Loss," or unelainied freigkt whioh aeeunmlales froin time to timo. When every possible method tofiud tlio ownerslias been (ried md bas failed, au nuctioneer is called in and the articles are sold to defray expenses. No paebage is allowed to be openod pr cxamiiicd uutil lias been piu#chftsbá, and a spirit óf speciüation is Lhus cciU'il in tliosc! who aasemble. áiuall, earofully BeaJ.ed packages bring tbo higbest prices, on iho, Biipposilion that they ruay ot)iitain j(-wolry. An avaricious old customer once paid ten dollars for a iioat littlo brown parecí scaled witb ovidont care at eacfa oud. l't contaiued a bundred nr mum rojected " addreases " from a swain to " the fail sim of all borsex." Anotber similar parcel was köockfd dow u to a bidder for .f8, and wan round to contain a. set of falBe t!i'th. Patent medicines, whisky (a still more patent medicine), toys, old clothes, sui-giral iiiKtrumonls, disïnfectants, proscivid aniinals, old magazines, bair, and many stamger things, are tisnally fouud among the "bid hoss" packages. It may be asémned thnt most of them are of small valuo, as we have said, inasmuch as eitber the Bender or tho eonsigneo of valiuibles would tako care to halve a tboroiiKh search made for


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