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A Colored Revivalist

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A negro revivalistnamedAndrewOoon is sajd to be as effeetwé with his own roce, iu Síississippi, as Moody and Baakev uro with white people. He ia a poworful fcllow, physically and vo:;Jly, and the soenes Biat attond his ferviiJ exhortiitions ara described as being the me of religión excitement. Aftera harrowing sermón, that wrought the sible heaxera to intense feoling, lio made the following íwlmonition and appeal: " líow, bredrGo and sisters, we want miHiiiiiíis heail fo-uight. No foolin'. El yon ean't monhu for yonr sins, don't oome fiiolin' foim dis artah. I knows yo. You'b tryin' miglity hurd to be :onvarted 'thout boin' lmrt. The Lord 'spises mockery. Sometimos yon sinnahs comes foli'rd ui' holde yonr head too high n-ooomin'. Yon come foah ym's r:ady. Yon staits too BOOn Yon don't repent; you's no moniml); you's foolin' Wid de Lord. Yon come strnttin' up to de altah; yon ñopa down on yonr tnees, an' yon peeps fru yonr ñudis way, au' you cocks up yonr ..nlis t . c! wUo's inftkin' de bes' pray'r. You's 'tirely l,o pegrt for pc.niton'H. Yoii'h no mouruihs. EfyoTjcomeg lic;il to fooi, you bettah Stay iwi_y. Uotüih go to heil frota de pew asleopm', er from yoBi cabiu aswcariu', dan from do mounah's bench a fooliu'."


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