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Which Is The Old World?

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ïho affcwtg of Max Muller, Lubbuck and other scientists to ostublish the thcory that all the present races on the planet are. derivá'tiVe, and tbat they havo their ancestral rootson the Iranian'plains of Central Asia, seems likely to bo uusuccesüful. Many scientists have arisen during tl ie last decade who eamestly controvert tho hypothesis, and, üke Aagssiz, insist upon a direrse ortgiñ, and oven claim that tho western continent may have been the birtliplaoe of the race. Th re are some ourious faots that tetad to conh'rm tuis theory. It is well known thaf, tlio rock that made permanent appoxrance abovo the chaos of tho molten globeis the Laurentian ridge of granite whicli trend southwestwar.l from Nova Seotia to Lake Su.lerior. In the natural proecss of ivjhiion, vliy slioulcLnot the &nt soil become oarlioBt fittetl for the abode of man? MToreóver, whüe oómparatiyo philology demonstrates the kin.slnp of ninst of tho K-opleK of tho castorn liciiiisphcTcs, thé niotit citreful Hcruliny reveáis no relationshipbetweon themand those races which may be generally knowu as the Tártara - mcludinn; ttáder flus dösigüatioli oi only the Oalmuckand loxsa-kH of ltnasia, uid ÜW, SilicviaiiH and North Chinese, but the Esquimaux, jNoiih AiNoii-an Indian Mouvid-buildcrK, Azteca, Tulticans, and aneient l'eruviaiisi. HoW 'eorly thé priiiiifive races emigïated trom Aiï)e,rica 5O Asia cannot even be oonjeuttuiófl, but intercourse aeroas the Uj)pi:r Paciñc must from the carliost ages have been comparatively easy. This belief iinds eorroboi-ation in the liigh eivilization afiaiiud in Mexico nnd I'ern. Uudor tho long dyuasty of the Incas civil engineering was carried to a ])eri'i'ction in many branches whicli it lias uot yet recovcred in anv part of the world. Two thousa'id ycars bcfore Christ Peru had a populación Wgar ilmn fchat of the present United States. They liad made more progress in astronomy thau ovcm tlie Ptolemaic school in Alexandria had made a thousund yeai-s later ; they had invented the mariner's compass and used it, and their agrienltural prooesses were equal to those of Holland today. If further and closer scientific research should contii'm this hypothesis, the question will be, not how waa the American continent fiíst popula'teá, but how came the new eastern world to be inhabited, and did the Iiido-Eurt)peans start into being because a fertile soü was ready, or did they colonizo the Oriënt from the shores of Mexico - the prima eradle of the race ?-


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