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A Remarkable Animal

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Uudoubtedly tlio most remaikable horse in the world - at least so far as age is ooncemed - is now owned in tliis city. He was foaled in tho town of Olarenco, Ei-io comity, N. Y., the property of Col. Cronk, at tho time a large broeder of race iiorsos, in June 1824, and is, conaequently, 51 yoars old. We havo obtained the following interesting history of tliis venerable animal : The sire of " Romp," for that was the name given at his birth, was the racehorso Dragon, who was noted ns a winner at all distances. Tlio dam of " Romp" was an importcd English maro, taken at the battle of Lundy's Lane, in 1812, from an English oflicer, and pnrchased by Col. Oronk and kapt on his farm for bieeding puxposes. In the spring of 3827 tho colt " Kamp," thon tbroe years old, was pnrchased of Col. OrOnk by P. L. Carter of this city, and bröken by him for a race horso. In his trials he provcd to bo a very fast runner. In tho autumn of 1827 Mr. Carter made a match to run Koinp against n horse that was travcling through tho village of Alexaudria, Öenosee county, N. Y., for $500. The horses atarted m the race, bnt boforo the close of tho miio Romp Btepped on a rolling stone and broko his near ankle, which so disabled him that ho could not fhiish the race. Mr. Carter, disgustad with the whole affair, of losiug his horse and tho race, looked about for sonie person to kill the animal ,ind put an end to his misery. A farmer in the neighborhood offered to take the horso homo, on account of his romarkable symmrtry and beautiful pointe, and pay Mr. Carter $10 for him, and tcy and euro his broken liinb. Tho purchase being mado, the horso was Ilaced in a sliug obtninod in a blacksmitü's shop near by, such as was usod for sliooiug oxen, tlie bones of the ankle put in place as wcll as coald bc, and in two years he was woll onough to do ordinary wtJrk on a farm. Mr. Carter retained the interest ho at lirst manifesteil in tho reeovery of his favorito animal, and frequently visited him whilo ho remaiqed in New York. In 1 830 Mr. Carter movod to tlu's city, where he now resides. In his various visitings to his old homo in Now York ho alwilys paid his old favorito a visit, until tho yoar 1851, when ho found that ho had boon sold to come West, and he lost track of him. In the fall of 1858, liowevor, he saw tho old horse in the southom part of this oouuty, and immediatoly bought him and bronght him to his own home in this city. After using him in a buggy fox two years and tho horse gettiug a little clumay, account of liis stuf ankle, he sold him to Mr. A. J. Henderson, who put him into a team for hauling"coal from the coal mines in Spring Arbor to this city, a distanco of four miles. In this coal vagón he bas worked every day (Suuday exceptod) for iifteen years. Tho usual weight of a load of coal is a littlo more than two tons, and this horse has been half of tho team, without the loss of a singlo meal by sickness or any other cause, and has seen six good young horses die, ono after the other, in trying to mato him in his daily round of labor.


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