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Decision In The Lewitt Divorce Case

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The following is the decisión of Judge Crane, in full, in the Lewitt case as filed July 26th by the register in chancery : The Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw. In chancery. Wilham Lewitt, complainant, va. Adelaide Lewitt, defendant. In this case the defendant filed his bill for a divorce from the bonds ot matrimony, alleging two separate principal causes therefor, viz : lst, extreme cruelty ; 2d, adultery. The defendant by her answer deuies both charges, and recrimiuates by charging the complaiuaut with adultery. She also alleges that on the llth day of December, 1874, the complainant became recouciled to her, and condoned all charges previoualy made agamst her for cruelty. In disposing of the case I will first dispose ot the second charge in the bul (that of adultery), and also of the recriininatiug charge thereto. First - There is no evidence in the case tending to sustain the churge oí adutery made by the defendaut against the complainant. Second - The evidence legally and regularly taken in the case, fails to sustain the charge of adultery made by the complainant, and thereiore the charge ot adultery, both in the bill and answer, must be dismissed. Secoudly, As to the charge of extreme cruelty in the bill contained against the defendant I shall not attempt at this time to write out in detail the mauy acts of cruelty proved against the defendaut which go to make up the main charge of extreme cruelty. It is sufficient to say that in my judgment the charge of extreme cruelty as set torth in the bill, is f ully sustamed by the evidence, and that there has been no coudouemeiit thereof ; and that the complainant is well entitled to a decree of divorce ftom the bouds of matrimony on the ground of extreme cruelty. Let a decree be enteved accordingly. A. D. CRANE, Circuit Judge.


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