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To writo on absorbent paper : Tak o one drachm of alum, dissolve in tlnfc ounces of spring-water, spongo the papcr with it ; use when dry. Common ink mixed with water can bc usod on this sort of paper as well. The paper used for foreign books will bc l'ouud to bc of this kind ; therelore the recipes vñ U be useïul for taking notes on. To mako copying-ink ; To ono pint and ti half oL black ink add ouc ounce of loaf-r.ugar. To remove greasestains f rom books: Take rubber solution," lay on a coat, and leave to dry ; then remove with a pieco of ordinary india-rubber. This is also useful and convenient for iixing prints in a scrap-book, and superior to paste or gum, as the india rubber canbo removed as just desevibed, without injury to book or engraving. To tai e out ink-spots : Tnke a littlo oxalie acid, dilutc, apply with camel 's-hair pencil, blot off with blotting-paper ; two applications will oblitérate luk of the present day. To make paper fireproof : Üse solution of chloride of zine, or the liquid of sulphuret of calcium or of borium, afterward st;ep in solution of sulphate oi iroü. To perfume books : Sponge both sides of the leaves with niusk mixed with one or tWO drops of oil oi Neroli, and hang up to dry. To polish old bindings : Kub dry, and us " bookbinders' varnish " with a sof sponge. To make strong paste : To two largo tablcspoonfuls of ilour add as muoh powdered rosin as will cover a cent. Mix with " stout " (strong, black beer), and boil for twenty minutes. To keep f rom getting moldy, ndd lifteen grains of corrosivo sublímate to every half-pint ; this is poisonous.


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