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_ City Attorney McReynolds has a supply of saloon bonds, and requests all interested parties to cali at his office immediately, „,lli tlieirsureties. - Will. T. Wheedon is general agent in Washtenaw Couuty for Judge Littlejohn's new ffOrk " Legends ot Michigan," interestiug to l)Otli old uud youug. Agents wauted for towuships in the county. - Julián Parshall was victimized to the tune „i $0ü by the failure of the State Street Saviugs Bank ot Chicago, from which eity he was to leive this week for California. He is a sou „f J. J. Farshall ot this city. - The examination of Sam. Smith, of Sharon, on tlie charge of bastardy, took place last ffeek before Justice Beahan, and he was held for trial at the Circuit Court. He was adinitted to bail in the sum of ÏÓOO. - Tuesday morning Chas. H. Mauly came „ear meeting with a serious accident at his residence, caused by his ax catching on a clothes-liue wliile splittiug wood ; the ax coming down struck him on the chin and cut quite a gash - The boy murderer, George Burkhardt, was photographed by Capt. Revenaugh on Saturday morning. He holds the double-bartelled shot gun in his hand as when he entered his victini's room on the night of the murder. - At Ypsilanti Saturday, a boy named Carney had one of his legs cut "off and the other considerably maugled in attempting to jump off a freight car. He caught on a train at the depot going west, and when near the bridge juuiped off and feil under the train. - George Hopkins, for years a well-knowu butcher of Ypsilauti, died of a stroke of apoplexy Friday morning last, in Pittsfleld, where he went to kill au animal that was too Yicious to be driven to town. He leaves a large family and a host of friends to mourn iiis death. - The Young Ladies Working Society Of tlie Congregational clmrch has been revived, now that their new church is on the road to completion. The object of the society is to raise fuuds with which to purchase the nrgan for the new church. The society has about $1,700 in their treasury. - The services of the Congregational society wiU be held at Zion church next Suuday at half-past ten o'clock in the morning. Sunday School immediately after the church services. It is expected that arrangements will soon be made by which the society will be able to hold service8 regularly in the morniug uutil the completiou of their new church. - Monday night about twelve o'clock the baru of W. H. Pease, oí Pittsfíeld, was discovered on tire, which was entirely destroyed, together with lts contents and au adjoining shed. Insured in the Washtenaw Mutual, asfollows: barn and shed, ïliOO ; hay and grain, f400 ; farming implements, $300- $1,300. The cause of the fire is uo doubt the work of some tramp or incendiary. - Fred. Binder, a Liberty street butcher, was up before Juatice McMahnn, Monday, on three complaints, for viplating the ordinance prohibiting the slaughtenng of any animal within the city limits of the city, keeping a nuisance nt his slaughter house, and with throwing bones, &c, in the rivei. To which he plead guilty. On the first complaint sentenae was suspended, and on the other two he was fineil %'"'í. - Sunday a large numher of persons found employment for their spare time by assemblinp at the depot to watch the removal of the lower water-house to its present location, opposite the woodshed, where it will be used for an engiue house for pumping water into the large water tank. The building was moved by the aid of a locomotive and a large force of hands, all utider the superintendence of "Bos8"Winton, of the carpenter gang. - The Germán Workingmen's Society of Jackson have an excursión to thie city next Monday, and i basket picnic at the Firemen's Park. The excursionists will arrive at about ■ 9 o'clock a. m., and will be accompanied by the Central City Cornet Band. The committee annonce that arrangements have been made lor risiting the several University buildings, and that guides have been appointed to conduct persons wishing to visit them. - Dr. Jackson with his family returned from his trip to Lake Superior on the 13th. He reports a very pleasant time. In his rambhnga about Houghton and Marquette, he took occasion to collect some fine specimens of ferns, roots and all, which he proposes to grow here. Most of them stood the journey well. He also secured an excelleut collection of minerals, valuable for their rarity in this región, and for their beauty. He encountered some boisterous weather on the lakes. - Monday evening a young mother in the Fourth ward missed her little three -year old son, who was supposed to be playing with other childreu in front of the house. The neighborhood was searched, oisterus, &c, explored, but no trace of him could t be obtained, the neighbors joining her the search, which was continued for about half an hour. On returning to the house the mother found the little fellow lying in a baby carriage, into which he had climbed and feil asleep. A load was lifted from that mother's mind. - A. J. Parshall, an Aun Arbor boy, af ter his graduation frora the University, class of 71, went West in search of einploymeut and became coiinected with the office of Surveyor(ienera! of Wyotning Territofy, at Cheyenne. As a rewarii for his faithfulness and abílity he has received the appointmeut of Ghief Ulerk to the General, at a salary of $1,800 per year. It must be a matter of satisfaction, as well as a feather in his cap, to have risen to his present position froin the humble one to which he was appointed on his entry to the office, but three years since. His success is accounted for from the fact that he reads the Aegus weokly. We congratúlate him and hope that íie may still be further promoted. - One day last week Mrs. Win. Watson and son, Dr. E. Watsou, and his httle daüghter, left home for a walk and fishiug excursión near the tirst railroad bridge. Being near the linüge at the time of the passing oí the first eastern passenger train, in the afternoon, they took a pcsition below the embankment against the feuce to watch the passage. As the train went by a stick of wood was hurled irom the eugine, striking Mrs. Watson on the arm and side, trom the effects of whioh ahe has scarcely had auy use of her arin since, hei side paralyzed, and has suffored a great amount of pain. A good opportuuity tor the milroad authorities to inake an example of ome employee. It cannot be charged that the atïair was an accident, tor there is uo occasion for any such accident. - Saturday mght last about U o'clock four young men of the Fifth ward were returning ■rom a tishing excursión to Strawberry Lake, and vrhen on the high embunkmeut on the Whitmore Lake road, near the resideuce of Dr. t. W. North, they weie met by a wagon containiug two men wlio were pretty well saturated with whisky, who kept the road without turning out tlie least, despite the calis of the young men to give a part of the road. The vehicle containing the young men was driveu upou the edge of the road and stopped- two or tliree inches further they would have been plunged down the embankment. On carne the strangers, aud their wagOD waa drawn agaiust the oue oontaining the young men, when one of the party seized the whip and jumped to the ground and commenced a free use of it over the heads of the drunken acampa, which he contiuuedfor seveial rods while the wagon waa in motion.


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