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Exports Of Wheat

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Por the purpose pf illustmtiug fche risiag importonce of wheat i" our üsports, we bave compilad f rom the official records the follomnj if the ii aal exporte of wheat and flout from Uu; year 1821 up to tho pm timo: EXPOBTS OP WHEAT AND FLOUli FBOM T1I1Í UN1TKD STATES. i , , .' .v'. r forten year Flmir, Wheat. m&ing 1880, % 4,90;8C8 $ 18,173 - 1,92-2,481 B,918,ÍO3 1850.. 10,043,189 1,604.187 1! I 1860.. 18,014,866 7,502,899 36.617,344 1870.. 23,671.384 aJ,593,R6a 62,165,233 TIn' 1S71.. 34,003,184 69,25(i,C0S 1S7'2.. l7.!l.-i.-).(W4 88,818,000 60,81 1873.. 19,381,864 61,462,364 Ï0 1874.. 28,368,094 101,121, Por the twentyyears cndhig with 18 Í0 the esporta averaged about $5,500,000 a yoar; dnring tho noxt ten yeara tle average exporte doublod; dur;ng Üie ten years enduig with 1860, they ro o to uu average of $36,900,000, a: tho war docado, when Bö much labor was diverted from the field to tho catnp, the export was donbled oh compared with the ten prcceding yeais. In 1371, the flrst ye&r of tlio present decade, We oxported .$09,200,000; and last year the sliipmonts roso to $130,000,000. In oth' r worcta, the present export of wheat aad iê twonty-four timos the valué of that foï tliü average of the tweatj jears ending with 1840. ïhifi clearly shows what is the natural and iuovitablo drift of production in this country, and indicatcg whoro capital is to soek its chiof employments and rewards. Tlio competition betwecn the agricultura of the two continente is at last coming out in our favor; and our truo interest lies in affording overy facility to the branch of industry in which


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