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Queen Victoria's Yacht Runs Down And Sinks A Sail Boat

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[Londou (Aug. 18) Cor. New oik UeraUl.J The royal yacht Alberta, with (noen Victoria on board, coÜicted, at 6 o'clock lis evening, while crossing from Osjorne to Gosport, with the yacht Mistleioe, belonging to J. S. Heywood, of Manchester, who, with a party of friends, vere on a pleasure cruise. The sailors of the Mistletoe wcre in the act of dip_ing their flap; ia honor of the Queenl when a cry was raised tliat the royal yacht was running down the Mistletoe. jrrcat excitement ensued, and efforte vore made to avoid collision, but it was o late. The Mistletoe was strnck on ,he starboard side. abreast of the mainmast. The Alberta rode oompletely over her, losing hor bowsprit and ontwater. Tt in impossible to describe tho seene on board the vessels. The Queen witneaseo the collision from the doek of tho Alberta. Slie was deeply agitated, wringing her hands, and in dreadful anspense. Every oft'ort is Baid to havo been made to save the pM'ty on board the Mistletoe, which was rapidly sinlting. Several of the rescued were seveicly iujured. The daniage to the Mistletce was 80 serions thut she sank in a few minutes, can-ing witli hei i lady a'.ul the mate. It being impossible to rendar further uid, tho Alberta prooeeded on her way to Gosport, Imt had soaroelfc reached the Clarenco Yard, wheuStokes, the master of the jNiistletoo died. Heywood, who wnö seiiously injurcd, was canied to tl'.e house of 'the admiral at Portsmouth. The following report of the accident appears in the Cour! Circular : When the Alberta was orossing the Solent, with the Qttean and royal party ou board, a sailiug yacht rau under tlio Alberto, whicli struck lier, and sLje went down in a few moments. The (neen, though terrilily sbocked, gave orders that every effort shcrald be made t t:iv; tba persons oi! Ixiard, luit ifc is to bo i'i ireil tliat two huw. been lost, leside those who wero injured. Her maïesty spokê to Miss Peel, the lady who was sa ved, and made constant inquines aftel the womided. Ou reaching (ionport, kIio gave orders to Admira! Elliott to spare 110 efierta on behalf of the suff erers, and k) pay every attontiun to thoir wants." The enormity of the crime of whistv ling in the presenoe of a gentleman, nud a íitrangur and ele rgy maai to boot, was lat;ly bronght homo to a former's boy of Penzance, Éngland, and the yonng misorcant was flned $2.87j and costs, las npology aad contrition for so hcinous an oiïewse being uttorly refusod by t)i erenod plaintiff.


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