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The Result In Ohio

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The election in Ohio on Tuesday re sulted in a victory for the Republican State ticket by ajmajority of abont 5,000 tor Hayes for Governor, while Young's majority over Cary will be considerably in excess of that given for Geaera Huyes. The returns are as yet too nieager to allow complete analysis ; anc while the dispatches say that a very heavy vote has been polled we are stil! in the dark with regard to the fullness of the vote as compared with previous years in which a heavy vote was polled The narrowness of the margin by which Hayes has been succnssful and the uiauner in which his majority has been made up indicate very clearly that. if Ohio Democrats had not been committed by unwise leaders to doctiines whioh were not only undemocratic but were easily capable of gross misrepresentation, a sweeping Democratie victory in the State would have been the result. Dumocrats themselves in Ohio had little fear that the national party would become infected with Saín Caryisrn in handling the currency question ; but thousands of Republieans who were wearied and disgusted with the eonduot of their party, and ready under almost any ciroumstance to contribute either actively or passively to a Republican defeat, had not the same abiding faith, and at the election on Tuesday as a choice of evils they voted with a party for whom whatever of regard they once entertained had about departed. It was entirely true, as we have morethan once pointed out, that the Eepubliean plank on the curreucy was no better than the Deinoeratio ; but the Republican leaders very shrewdly managed trom the first to put themselves upon better ground than their platform. At the same time they magniüed to the utmost the unsoundness of the Democratie position, a proceeding in which the Democratie leaders inaterially aidei them. The influence of the currenoy queatiou was inueh greater indirectly in the manner we have statbd than it was directly. Kxcupt in a few localities the gains and lossus on eithcr side, as coinpared with the vote of 1873, are but trilling, and almost balance. Hardmoney Democrats generally voted their party ticket under mental protest, and Republicana who were oaptivated under Pig-Irou Kwlley's brignt scheme of making raoney still held themselves as Republican partisans and voted accord ingly. But in some special localities - notably, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo and Columbus, the four leading cities in the State - it is evident that the ourrency question had a direct and powerful bearing upon the election ; and though it U in citien that the idlw and ployed are mostly to be found, it ia there aiso where the business men aad intelligent workingmen are, and the demagognes of the Cary etripe who thought t.o catch the uiasses with clap-trap crios, going to extremes which even the platform did not justify, only suoceeded in urousing a more pronounoed Uostility to the ticket for wbioh they labored. Iu Hamilton, Cuyahoga, Franklin and Lu cas Countiee, the Republican gain trom 1873 was enough to overeóme Allen's slight plurality and to give a Republican majority of sveral thousand. The result may be taken as aettled conclusively that the pv ople are not prepared to embrace iuflationism, and that the Democratie party, to suoceed, must stand fimly by its faith in honest


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