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A Town Destroyed By A Waterspout

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The correspondent of tho GlobeDemocrat at Los Cruces, New Mexico, says a tremendous waterspout suddenly appeared in the hills about one mile back of towii, at 5:30 o'clock in the afternoon, Sept. 11, and bef ore the citizens had time to comprohend the impending calamity, it was upon them. The tall, dark columns, coniposed of water and dust, approached with such velocity that in less than ten minutes f rom the time of its observance, and before $10 worth of personal property could be sived by any one of the inmates, sixty-three houses had been hurled to the ground. The streets were son covered to the depth of l'our or ftve f eet with water, and thecurrent was of such great strength that boiüders of large sizo and corresponding weight were carried away. Two hours later, a rain feil in torrente, and continued several hours. In all the wreek and ruin of falling houses and rushing water, stoange to say, not a life was lost. On Sunday the entire population were out repairing damage as much as possible, in order that the homeless raight be housed and cared for. Th 9 work was kept up on Monday, and everybody began to look cheerful, when at 4 o'clock another watersjjout made its appearancc, from the exact spot at which its predecessor was first noticed, and carne on with equal celerity. Sixteen houses, fortúnate euough to escape the first visitation, were tumblod down and their contents totally destroyed. This flood lasted three hours. The damage done by these floods will figure up 8150,000 at the least calculation.j Four of the houses destroyed were valuèdat from .$5,000 to $10,000 each.


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