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The report of Mr. Ela, Fifth Auditor of tht; Treasury, of the business of his office forthe last year, has been sent the Secretary of the Treasniy. It shows the cost of the diplomatic service of the government to have been as follows: For foreign Ministers $ 886,843 For Consuls 541,3'3 For clerk-hire of Consuls "2(1,777 Fces eollected by Consuls 687,988 e xeebs of feea above Consular expenses. 1-ÍH,H1(5 Cost oí ivlioving dístrenHed seiiii:n in foreign ports 44,4H! Paid for passage of seanien homo 9,3G3 Recelved by Consuls for extra Toyaccs of Feamen tlischarged sbroad 47,174 Number of Beamen sent home 81ü Paid out to represfmtatives of nailorn and citizens M-ho did abroad 21,358 INTKItNAJ., HEVKNUE EXPKVsKS. The cost of Internal Hevenue Colloctors wlio werp paid by aalary and coiuijiíhsions WU 212,574 By special allowance 577,0117 Kxpfusi'Hof Colieotor's oflicc 1,435,719 Total cost of Collectors 2,lH,4i;2 Amount collected by them 102,i)95,242 lixpense of Storeketpcrs 75 1, 026 Expense of distillery Surveyorn' saljtrics. (Ï,2n7 Expense of distillery Surveyors' expenses , Ciiiutfroi' fees 695,356 Gaugers' traveling exíenses 64,387 Cost of Supervisor of Internal Keveimc - for salary 39,909 For expenses 64,690 For clerk hiro 37, U4 Total expenses 137,752 Cost of Internal Kevenue Agenta- for salary ((3,632 For expenses 31,200 The amotmt of spirit-stanips sent to Collectors forthe year was... 62,703,538 Tobacco, snuft', and cigar stampa 3fi,O79,88. Beer starups 9.403. ia Special stamps 10.403,4-ü) Adhesivo stainpn to agenta 3,614,689 Stamped foil wrappers f or tobáceo 492.382 There was paid daring the ycar for engrossing and printing stamps and i'or stamp paper, $614,400. The expenses of the Patent Office for photo-lithographing was $40,009; for pistes for official gazette, $36,643; for copies of drawings, 1f39,997; for tracings of drawings, $34,990. The expenso of preserving the collections of the snrveying and cxploring expeditions was $30,000. The contingent expenses of the Postoflice Department amomited to $66,100; the contingent expenses of the Patent Office, $79,772. Among the miscellanooiis expenditures of the State Department are : Pnblishing the laws in ncwsirapers aua pamplct $ 41,H8( Edition revised nnd uuraal statutcs . . 111,140 Parchase of official postefe xtumps 1,81? Survcy of Brilish bouudiiry 83,800 Salary and expenses of Mpanish Claims Commission 0,008 Salary and expenses oí Mexican Claims Comniission 13,!)19 Salary and expenses of Court of Alabaiua Claims 83, nao Awardsto Brltlsb elaimants 1,929,811) Expenses of Ilis Hawaiiau Majcsty 111,1117 Itont of privona for American convicts iu Japan, Cliina, Siam, Turkey, etc li;,485 Fot purchase and restoring to the faniily of Gen. Lafayette the watch preseuted him by Washington 241


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