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A Horrible Story

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We have heard of a very stressing accident oobtvrring in Jackson County, West Virginia. It was a " raising." As is custoinary on sucli occasions, chickoLS had been killed by chopping oiï their heads. Two little BOUS of i the owner of the house to be raised saw j the ohiokens thus guillotined, and dur iug thedayconcluded torepcatthe opera tion. It was just nt a time wheii the men were lifting a heavy log into its place. The father, who was holding one end of the log, casting his eyes toward the little fellows, ono of wliom had the axe raised to Kever the nook of his brother, let go of the log to save the boy, and it i'ell, killing nix men, two instaiitly, the othera living only a few hotirs. The ixe foll before the father oould reach the scène, severing the neck of tho son. Thus were seven persons hurled into eternity [ in a twinkling. - Middlcport (O.) News. Gov. Dinüley is constan tly reoeiving letters frojn Maine fai-mers who have gone Wptit, and want help to get hk agai,


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