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Remarkable Snake Story

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We aro too veracioua a ckroniclor to pusL np a snako story without a fir.stclass voucher. This comes authentie;ited by our worthy countryman, E. Duiican Macnair, an ancient and consistent member of the P. E. Church in Tarboro. Gen. Bryan Grimes resides ín Pitt county. Mosquitoes in that locality are a mite ferocious and bloodtbirsty. As an antidote to theso musical vampiros fires are kindled in the yard at night. A littlo child of Gen. Grimes was playing, nfter supper, in the glaro of the íight, when a sudden scream from the child attracted the attention of the General. He rushed to the spot in time to reseñe the littlo fellow from the fatal fang of a large rattlesnake, in the coil of attack roady to strike. The snako glided away in 'the darkness, and the General saw serpents of all assortments, sizes and varieties, in playful multitudes, running about in all directions. Somo were going under the house, others crawling out. Such a convention of reptiles would have alarmod any but a brave and gallant soldier. But the eituation required attention. So a council of war was held, consisting of the General and an oíd negro named Ned. Ned said, "I teil you, Marse Bryan, if you will kill a snake or two, md burn 'em, dem oders will all git from ïere." No sooner said than done; the General and old Ned readily slaughtered a few, and piled them on the glowing 'agots. The smoke and odor commenced ascending and permeating the atmo3jliere. Soon a hend could be seen hero md there protruding from the holes, orked tongues flasliing and eyes glitterng. Thon whole bodies appeared, and such a hegira of snakes was never witncssed bef ore. In a short timo ' ' mothef earth seemed to have swallowed up her varlike birth." Gen. Grimes has not


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