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English Ivy

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T'io HSR of EngÜRh ivies for the purpose of deeorating living-rooms is more extensivo every year, and cannot be too highly eommenrtod. Baiug very Btrong, thoy will live thraugh any treatment ; but study tlieir pecúlíárities, and manifest willingness to gratify them, and tliey will grow without stint. Many houaes are too hot for them, as indoed they are for their owners. Noither plants nor people should have th tetnperature over sixty-five degrees Fahrnheit. Take care not to enfeeble your ivios by exoessive watering or undue heat, and yon will S3e they will not seem to inind whether tho sun ahiues on them or not, or in what position or direction you train them. Indeed, so much will they do themselvos to render a room eharminsr, that we woidd rather have an unlimited immber of them to draw upon than anything in nature or art. Do you wírIi the ngly, plain doors that shut off yonr tiny entry to be arched or curved like those in the drawing-room of your rioh neighbor ? Buy a couple of brackéts, wich as lampa for the burning of kerosene are soraetimes placed in, and screw them on the sides of the door. Put in each a plant of English ivy, the longer the beitjr ; then train the plants over the tops against the Bides - indeed, auy way your fancy indicates. You need not buy the beautiful but costly pots the flower dealer will advise ; coinmon glazed ones will answer every purpase, for, by placiDg in each twoor three sprays of Coliseum ivy, inamonth'stime no veetige of the pot itself can be discerned through their thick screen. The Ënglish ivy, growing over the walls of a building, instead of promoting dampneas, as most persons would suppose, is said to be a remedy for it, and it Í3 mentioned as a fuct, that in a certain room where damp had prevailed for a length of time, the affected parts inside become dry when ivy had grown up to cover the opposite exterior side. The close, overhauging, pendant leaves prevent the rain or moisture from penetrating to the wnll. Beauty and go t' hand in hand.


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