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Blaine's Blunder

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oriNIONS OF THE PRE88. Krom tin N.w Vork World. Tlie dubate on the Amnosty bill threatcned to ba the beginning of a troublesome and dangerous state of things. It lias turned out to be only the end of Mr. Blaino as a political leader. A man beaten in such uu attempt as his to fan the ombers of civil war to flume, is in a situation as odious and contoaiptible as any party could wish forits rivil, or any party fear for its leader. If he had succeeded in what he had set out to do, he would have suoceodfld by an appoal to sectarian bate and sectioDal hate, which are as iow passious as any politician evor tried to stir up. If he had sucoeeded, therefore, he would havo becomo infamous. But he has failed to do ituything but wasto four days of good time, and nobody in his senses will be likely to piek up Mr. Blaine, of Maino, for a politiual leader again. FrOEQ the Ui:hllKMi Ii.sp;mh. Mr. Blaiue has vexed the nation- he has ruduly shaken the blooui of peace and bruisud the buds of harmony and conciliation. If he has not invoked upou his head the censure of the nation we entirely misuudcrstaud the temper of the poople, and have overestimated the strong desiro of all to pass the an niversary of our indopondence with entire forgiveness and entire peace in the land. Front the Atlanta Henil. 1. We havo tendered the olive branch in good faith, and when baudcuffs are of ï'ered in return we oanuot but regard it as a most ungraeious and unpatriotic response. Is this war nevor to have au an end 'i We appeal to the men of the North who persist in sonding such bigots as Blaine and his associates to Washington to legislate for a great people who would be unitod and happy. From the Springfield Roinibliean. The liepubliean party tuay have made a mistake in not hanging JefF. Davis ; they may have been too liberal in amnestying tho Southern leaders beretofore ; cartainly, as a choico of revenges or modes of justice, it would have been more creditable to tho llopublican party and its adininistration to have hung a dozen of the Confedérate leaders and to have baniahed a hundred more than to have set up and upheld, as they did do, throughout the Southern States, local government8 that wero a torturing mixture of corruption, imbecility, ignorance, and military. But tho mistake now is, that it is going back on thuir own poliuy, going back, too, at a thue when the popular heart is going forward; going back not only in general spirit and purpose, but in particular action. It is a violent break in the centennia] spirit and purpose ot the year ; it is a forced revival of tho war issues and the war feelings, when we were practically agreed that, however they were settled, thoy should be regarded as settled, and their painful remembrance dismissed so far as consistent with maiutaining the great national results of the coutest. From tli e Boston Globe. Mr lüaiiKi Jins made a sad if not fatal mistake. The tendency of his conduct will be to injure himself, to injure his party and to injure his country. So fiïr as he is concerned we fear there is no reparation to be hoped for. So far as the paity is concerned its only safety is in not folio wing him; and the people of the country Rhould not allow their better purposes to bo defeated by the wrangliug of their representatives in Congress. From the New York Tribune. Mr. Blaine does not seem to have strengthoued himself or his party by his motion, if we can judgo anything of the commends of the press of both parties. If he intonded to revive the ani mosities of the war at the North and bid for the support of the intensely unforgiving and relentless element, Iib has not succeeded. Keeping Jeff Davis alone out of the amnesty list is not enough to make a man President, or ghe him much strongth.


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