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A Foot Lamp

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teresting tilinga in tbe Holy Land is the faot tliat ne nieets everywhere, in daily Kfe, tbfi tliiugs that ülustrate the Word of the Lord. The streets of Jernsalem are very narrow, and no one is allowed to go out at, ni';ht without a light. Throw open your Littioe in the evening and look out, you will see wlmt seem to ba little stars twinkliug on the pavemfint. You will hoar tho clátler of sandals, as the late travoler rattles alone;. Aa the party npproachps, you will Ree tbat he has a littln lamp fapjenod to bis foot, to make bis stop a fiafe ono. Iu mi instant tinverse comes to your memory, written in that same city tbree thousand yars a(;o, "Thy word ifi a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path." It was at the As'or thut Wel-iRr, wisliins; to lmy a nwspoer one uioniins:, put his hand ino liia pocUct only to liud it empty. ITe deolared that 1 1 had not a perjoy, w heren pon one of h3 fatelites snid, "You must be mistaken. Webster; I saw you have a tlOO-bill just as you wcre going to bed lust niglit, and ns you lutven't been up lialf an lionr, yon could liardly have pent it." "I rathcr thinU that's so," unswercd Duuii 1, rellrctively. "1 dil have a SlOO-lnlI, I am sure. I Tfbnnëï what I could have done with it. ! l!y Júpiter, I must have giveo it to the boy wbo blaoked my boots five miuutes a;o 1" And that was the fuct.


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