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HAVE YOU A DOLLAR ? FOR ONE DOLLAR We will sfnd, Poeta gH'JPaicL ONE YEAR. 1. It 'oiitain AI.I, 'f HE NEWS of the pt eren ffay,'éollecte4 tiy thé agent and correapon d;iits of the New York Daily Woki.!, ai:'l In lullness, accurac} and entorpriaa iu Uiis rt-s-pect is unequalk-d. i. It AC ft Kil, I 1 II I, nnPAHTMENT contnln tlie btcst n ws nf farm cxj erinirnti at home&Hd ahroad, coutrlbutioos by bonieand i'o i-ign writera, full repurtM ui ilif J aiimis' ( ].i cf ilm Aiii-'i-jcan Infinite, and quotatious öf valaablt) and Iutere3tng artit-La ap)n.aiiiiji iu IU agriculiuial veeklies and uiagaslns. 3. UaGRANGK NEWS, toThlch atli'ntion isspecially cali d. is a feature (fhlch can befouod Ig no otht.-r papir. All the resources at tlr cnbiinaiid of a i:r-at meiröpi)ltan iu'Wpaier are imjlyid iu tion and tke result i a page eacb eek where the tnernbrs 10a v itml a romiilete reèoiii ufthei n-ork of tlie order In every Htate in tho Union lor the pas! sirvon dgys. in nHdil uu to il. is wei l:ly rcciir], Tho World kIvm ttie cream öf&l! the Iwal Eiancc papers in everj Piafe. 'í dti-aittmiit is arnl irill euDtlnue U bn under tho charge of one of theaeue memberaof the order. 4. Fortín' FlUr.Sini: nKPAIITTIKN'l', in ailditiiin Iü -otln-r mtraotlons. Ruch aspn-try, miacollaiiy, Immorou extraéis, e, rliirliiK tl'" coii.lnti year, tin re ill tx Dot Ie tLan one LuiidruJ hort tal h ly In: ;.,t wjiters .if ActioD In Elanü and Amerita. .■. The 'larlii'l KcportM broueht dowu to } huur of publlcatlon, are tho host that rail Ko marit.'. Ivach innrki-l m reportwl bv onn who'1 spcrial knóu .nninu hint the bttl auilioiity upon tbatauMect in the ínited Siates. For accuracy aud eompleteneei tin: niarket reporta oí Tiik Wobld are unriralled. f) ■ The World is not only the best nut the heappst newspaper er ofÜMtd Uw farmer." SKMI-WKEKLY(10t V 12 A YKAR. ail 313 .,; lOpcr Year, SjKicimeo copies sent upon appllbatfon. Addre "THE VOKI.Ï." 85 Prk Iïw. w York.!


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