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A Sleepy Horse's Time

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At the Dulmqiie fair, says the Waverly, Iowa, Republwan, a sleepy, poor, honiely horse called Lothair was entered in every race. He began by taking the 3:15 race,then the three minute, 2:50, 240, and wou two heats of the 2 :35 race, when a protest was entered that he had a better record than the race he was trotting in. His driver denied the soft impeachment and challenged proof. The judges called him up to the stand and swore him. About this time he had got his wrath up, and swore he would show them a trick worth looking at. In the third heat he let the sleepy horse out and distanced the whole field easily ; cutting all others out of the chance of second, third and fourth money. The swearing of the army in Flanders was nothing to be compared to those horsenien who were looped. The air got so hot that Lothair and his driver lit out in the night with several thousand dollars pulled from the greenies who played with him. During the selling of pools the owner bought the field, $2 against $5, and scooped the whole business. The query is, "Who is Lothair, and where did he come from ?" Nobody knows further than that tne owner said he carne from Canada. At all events he cut the eyeteeth of the sharpest horsemen in the State, and did it so handsomely that they did not discover it until he had got their money and was gone.


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