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the lato Hon. Schuylor Colfax wlio reported the disco very of now prooi' aniong the papers of Oakos Ames that he (S. C.) never received any of tho proceeda of that disputed check, for Oakes A. Ames, one of the oxecutors, responds with a card in which he says " As an executor of the late Hon. üakea Ames, I pronounce the above statemen to be untrue. On the oontrary, all tho iuformation in my possession, both as an executor and an individual, convin ces me that the payments which Mr Ames claims to have made to Mr. Col fax and othera, wore made at the time in the manner, and for the purposo stated by hiin." Now " Smiler " has the Hoor. " The Democratic House of Repre Bentatives has done a big thing. I passed the centennial appropriation bill on Tuesday by a vote of 146 yoa to 130 nays. This will take $1,500,000 from the people to furnish a grane show and a good time for such as are able to go to Philadelphia this year It is a questionable grant of money in such hard times as the present." Tha is how the Lansing Repullican puts it The Democrats did it - en ! with 88 Re publicans and only 59 Democrats voting for the bilí. The voto against it wa 107 Democrats and 23 Republicana And the Democrats did it. The Itepub lican leans to Blaine for President, and Blaine voted for this bill, this " ques tionable grant." Disapprove tho meas ure if you please, but is it exaotly man ly to shouldor the responsibility en tirely upon a Democratic House, espec ially as a Republican Senate ratifie and confirma the " grant." At a democratic House oaucus hele on Tuesday evening, a resolution wa offered by Mr. Landers, of Ind., favoring a repeal of the resumption act, whic was supported by Mr. Bright, of Tenn and Mr. Holman, of Indiana. Messrs Payne, of Ohio; Schleicher, of Texas Hardenberg, of New Jersey ; Cox, o New York ; Randall, of Pa. ; and other spoke against it. It was not adoptec Good. What we want is not negativ legislation, but positivo ; not repeal o the resumption act, weak and unprom ising as it is, but legislation in the in terest of economy and sound finance legislation which will make greenback worth their face in gold, and not a lega lie, and at a date even earlier than tha fixed in the resumption act, Januar lat. 1879. It can be done, and withou detriment to the business interests o the country. One E. D. Wixslow, an ex-army chaplain, local minister of the M. E Church, principal stockholder of th Evening News, a Boston Republican dai ly, and a largu stockholder in the Pos a Democratio morning daily, genera Btock and land speculator, has goue on a private mission to Holland, leavin his friends to suffur by forged paper t the amount of nearly a million dollars The Hews has suspended, but the " sur viving " stockholders of the Post prom Í8e to take the craft through. Winslow preached " a powerful sermón " the Sun day before he decamped. It ia now said that certain bank officers detectec his forgories months ago, but permittec him to " compromise " and go on wit his forgeries and preaching, and w are pleased to learn that a large portion of the "compromise" paper they re ceived waa forged. There is no extra ditiou treaty with Holland. " A SLIP of the tongue " sometime tells more than was meant by its own er. And Senator Howe, of Wisconsin was made the victim of such a "slip on Friday last. Senator Morton having given notice that he should cali up th Louisiana case on Thursday (yesterday) Senator Howe expressed himself glac to hear the annouucemeut, continuing " It really seemed to him (Mr. Howe that this question was one of the high est privilege. It not only affected the right of a man to the seat, but it affect ed the right of a State to representa tion on this floor. The Senate shoulc either fill the vacanoy or refuse to do ao and let the people of Louisiana sene some one else here." What has the Sen ate to do with " filling the vacancy " Does that phrase mean just what Mr Howe meant or didn't mean to express ' " Fill the vacancy ! " We had suppos ed that the Senate was only the judge of the " qualifications and election " of its members, that it muBt pass simply upon the man who knocks at its doors, and upon his claims and credentials. We had supposed that it was for a State, through its Governor or Legislature, to fill a vacancy in the Senato. But, perhaps Mr. Howe is right. At least the Sunato seeins to have pursued the policy of shutting out and letting in at pleasure, just as the applicant was to the liking or not of its majority. It does " fill vacancies,"in that sense. We thank Mr. Howa for that " slip." !■ I I t II W BoLD BURGLARS baggod over $1,000,000 in government bonda and other socurities from the vaults of a bank at Northampton, Mass., on the night of Tuesday of last week. They first visited the cashier at hia home, handcuffed and gagged the several membors of his family, - seveu in number, - secured the keya, and by the purauasion of a loaded pialol compelled the cashier to give tho lock combinations. Three times he gave them wrong, but writing them down each time he was caught. Leaving a guard at the house they visited the bank, unlocked the safe, gathered the plunder, locked the safe again, and made a auccessful esoape. After being gagged for threo hours the cashier's wife succaedod in freeing herself and giving the alarm from an upper window. The prisoners were released, but the burglars had " jutnped the town." The bank was a small loser, less than $200,000, the securities taken being nearly all special deposits. The bank officers offer $25,000 reward for the burglara and their plunder. , If Kobert Toombs (perhaps we should say the Hon. Kobert, or Gen. Toonibs) is a representativo Georgia Deinocrat then the Georgia Deinocracy is a very big niill-stone huug around the neck of the Northern Demooracy, and will weigh it down to (political) pcrdition if not shaken off. If he is oven an average representativo of the South, - saying nothing of parties, - then the South and Southern uien have learned nothing by the evonts of the last fifteen years. We base these sup positions and conclusión on the ropor of a speech made by the fossilizec Toombs, before the Georgia Logislature on the 25th uit. The man who can utter such stuff is either a fooi or a mac man (knaves are too shrewd) ; and th only oonsoliition is to be found in hi declaration that he " is the only livin. secessionist to-day in the State o Georgia." If there are many like him among the so-called leaders of th South, God pity the honest and wel] meaning people who are misled b; them. Keading the Republican wailing over the chango of subordinate oflicer in the House of Representativos on would naturally suppOBe that there hac never before been a change of tho cleri cal force, and that McPherson, the lat clerk, had placed in position the onl; competent men in the United States The Cincinnati Gazetu corresponden groans in this wise : " There are a few of the old hands on duty, and parts o thegreat machine are moving smoothly But their days are numbered, and soon every part will be jolting, and grating and squeaking in direful harmony. And this just because the old journa clcrk, Mr. Barclay, had resigned in huff - resigned because his assistant hac been removed. Well, what would hav beconie of the House had Barclay or hi a88istant died ? If no other men are fi to succeed them and discharge thei duties it is time to find it out in orde that simpler methods may be devisoc The fact is that there are two men o tho clerks's staff where only one is neec ed. If half the placcB were vacated to morrow, either by resignation or re moval, and nobody could be found t accept the vacant piaces, the Hous would be just as well served. It is bu fair to add that Mr. Barclay could hav retained his place if he had desired, anc that his labors would not havo bee raaterially increased by the necessity o breakiug in a new assistant. He proba bly acted nnder political advioe, - .advice given with the hope of embar rassing Mr. Adams and the House. Ih another column will befound a article from the New York Sun discuss ing, with evident intelligence, the dip lomatic service of the Government, o as the Sun chooses to cali it, " Úseles Diplomacy." The well informed write does not 6eem to concur with those Re publicans who think the honor of th country will be tarnished by a reduc tion of diplomatic salaries, or even b; the recalling of sundry useless diplo mats. And the Sun is no doubt corree We have more first and socond clas missions, even though they woro filie by men eminently fitted for their sever al positions, than either our commer oial or political interests demand ; ant then when important missions are fillee with such men as Schenck, Sickles, Cra mer et al., the burelen becomes too griev ous to be borne. With a competen Secretary of State, a $5,000 man ma; do the Government as good servic near the Court of St. James as the po ker playing and Einma Mine promo ing Gen. Sohenck, with his $14,000 anc outfit ; and even the able Cushing, i torn and distracted Spain, is but a mer messenger boy to present the full dis patches of the Secretary. There is n need of costly and showy diplomati establishments at the capital of an; foreign power with whom we have trea ty relations and are at peace. And th emergancies of war or the necessities o new treaties may be met, and bette met, by special ambassadors. We hav also too many consul generáis, and even too many consuls on salaries entirely be yond the services they render, and a ports where no services are ever requir ed of them. The diplomatio service wil bear a deal of pruning without injur; in any direction, and with great savin; both to the national respect and the na tional purse. TnE New York Evening Pont speaks of the Morrison tariff bill introduced in the House on Monday, and ob his motion referred to the Committee on Ways and Means, as drawn "in the interest of consumers and of the revenue." It also says that tho bill was prepared by J. S. Moore, an expert on the subject of tariffs, and was exainined and approved " by David A. Wells and other recognized authorities on the subject." lts immediate passage would lift a great burden of taxation from overloaded shoulders, and, next to an absolute resumption of specie payments, revive business confidence and commercial prosperity. Wiien some Republioan patriot is pitching hot shot into Democratie Conjressmen for their efforts to out down ;he expense of West Point, lot them read tho following declaration of the Detroit Tribune, now a " trooly loil" as woll as thoroughly radical journal. It says: "We shall not weep with Mr. Surlbut, of Illinois, over the proposed reduotion in the salaries of the West Point professors. They exceed decidedy (with tho allowancos, etc.) the avorago of the compensation of members of .he faculties of our leading universitios, and a shrinkage in their case is not unust in any proper sense of the word." TlIE FIRST constitutional amendmont, iuiiting the Presidency to a siugle term either of four or six years), was lost in ;he House od Wednesday by a decided voto. Now stop constitution tinkoriug nd prooood with business. Fll'TEEN " crooked whisky" financiers ïave been genteneed at Indianapolis ; laguiro, at St. Louis, has changed his )lea to guilty ; more indictments have jeen found at Milwaukee ; and there is general quaking all along tho line.


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