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the Gommoii Council was held on Friday evening last, with all the mernbera present except Aid. Gardner. A communicatiou was received from M. Rogers, City Treasurer, asking that the time for the oolleotion of taxes be extended. The time was extended by the adoption oí the following : Resolved, That the time for the collection and returu of taxes in the city of Ann Arbor, for the year 1875, be and is hereby extended until the twenty-flrst day of February next, subject to the provisions of the statute in such case made and provided ; promded, however, that the payment to the County Treasurer of the moneys already collected, which are payable to the Uounty Treasurer, shall not be hereby extended. The City Attorney asked for iustructions relativo to the further prosecution of the case of the City va. Clark & Cropsey, for keeping an eating house without having paid the city license. Aid. Be&imer moved that the prosecution of the case of the City vs. Clark & Cropsey be contiued by the City Attorney and pressed to a, further trial. Adopted. City Attorney reported an ordinance for the protection of fruit, shade, and ornamental trees in the streets of the city. The ordinance tras adopted. The bonds of the following saloon-keepers were approved : J. Hangsterfer & Son, John Kettner, Jacob Hoffstetter, Gottleib Lodholz, Wm. H. Besimer & Bro., George Ardner, A. Pfeiflo, E. M. Lewis, Michael Steeb, George Ularken. By request of the " Committee of ArrangementB " we give the Farmers' Instituto to be held at Ypbilanti next week a little more f ree advertisiug this week. As uone of the members of the committee are subscribers to the Aröus we hope that some friend will show each of them a copy, that they may have actual personal knowledge of our compliance with their request. Seriously, wouldn't it be well for our many friends, of many societies and orders, in different sections of the county, who never hesitate to make drafts on our columns, to show their appreciation of our public spirit and geuerosity by sending in 81. 60 each and ordering their names entered on our mail book. There is auch a thing as " riding a free horse to doath." S. or N". B.-We don't care what the politics or religión of a subscriber is. It is his name and 81.50 we want. And if ho can't get tho full worth of his money in what the Argtts will dish up to hira weekly, he will prove himself a dull reader.