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The tollowing transactious in real estáte have been recorded in the office of the Register ot Deeds, during the past week . Wm. A. Graham to Geo. H. Feldkamp, 134 acres off section 24, Sharou. $9,000! Carlos Spencer to John H. Feldkarnp, 100 acres orï section 1, Sharon. $6,000. Geo S. Eawson to John (1. English, 20 acres off the southwest quarter oï section 23, Manchester. $1,000. Herman Williams to Geo. H. Williams, 96 acres orï sectious 20 and 21, Webster. $6,000 Jas. M. Mount to Edmund Rowe, 50 acres off the northwest quarter ot section 31, Sharou. l,78O. Thoá. K. Markham to Darwin L. Deunis, lot 3 in block 1, village of Salem. $325. Lewis Hauer to Courtland Suidecor, 80 acres off southeast quarter ot soctiou 24, York. 4,000. Wm. Wulker to Freeman F. Elert, one acre off northwüht quarter of section 15, Salem. $170. John J. Davis to Thof. D. Lane, 120 acres off sectious 6 and 7, Salem. $3,000. Maria A. Faulkner to Fred. Wedemeyer, 10 acres off aectiou 31, Lima. $600. Chas. E. Whitinarsh to John E. Whitmarsli, 32 aires off sections 14 and 15, AuguSta. $1,000. Joseph L. Mount to J. M. Mouut 50 acres off northwest quartor oí sec. 31, Sharou. $1,500. Sanih M. Barton to Loren Babcock, 80 acres off southwest quarter of section 8, Lyudon. $1,000. John Smith to Hartwell W. Siuith, fi acre off uortheaet quarter of seution 3, Augusta. $1,500. Wm. Van Sicklo to XJlrich Bruinier, lot 4 and part of lot 5, Browu & Bach's additiou to Aun Albor. $1,500. Hiram Batchelder to John S. Jenness, part of lot 43, Larzalere's additiou to Ypsilauti. 500. Frank Nowland to Richard M. Nowland, 80 acres off section 19, Ypsilanti. $2,000. Richard M. Nowland to Frank Nowland, 80 acres off section 19, Ypsilanti. $2,000. Harriet E. Phillips to Jas. A. Freer, (quit claim), 138 acres off section 9, Sharou. $800 Sarah A. aud Theo. DeForest, (quit claim), 35 acres off section 25, Anu Arbor. $800. Marcus H. Row to Fred. Schaible, 10 acres off section 'S, Manchester. $550.