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- Coming : St. Patrick's day. It will put in au appearance next Friday. - Hon. J. Webster Childs is postöd to enlighten the Grangers at Charlotte to-day. - Theodore Tilton had a full house on Wed"nesday evening, and his lecture is highly complimented. - The of C. A. Lewïa, of this city, died on Tuesday, at his home in Bridgewater, Mass., aged nearly 73 years. -On Monday last a Main street dry goods .flrni received au order froin Lincoln, Nebraska. And uow talk about our town being " old - A. L. Noble is back fromNew York and in a few days will be ready to clothe the uaked. - James Shaw, of Northfield, formerly a itreet corner uppie, tish, and notion dealer in this city, was found dead in his bed Sunday morning. - Mrs. Ruby Hall, widow of the late Hon. Henry Hall, of Dexter, died at the residence of hor daughter, Mrs, Moore, on the morning of the lst inst. -The third meeting of the creditora of Miller & Webster, held before the register iu laukruptcy at Detroit on Monday, was adjourned to Maren 23. -Daniel Crippen, of Superior, died last week, aged 81 years, and was buried on the 3d iust. He had lived in the town nearly fifty years. He was a member of the M. E Church. -Dr. Brigham did n't read his paper on " A -Bare Bird " before the Ann Arbor Scientific Association on Saturday evening last, - the entire session being occupied by Dr. Dunster'a paper on " Spontaneous Generation." - The Executive Committee of the Agricultural Society, at the meeting on Tuesday, appointed superintendents and jadges for the coming fair, and authorized a loan of f 3,000, to be secured by mortgage ou the grounds, to pay up the indebtedness of the Society. - W. J. O'Neil, whose arrest we announced two weeks ago on the charge of forgery, was brought before Justice Beahan again on Monday and discharged. His father, whose name ït was alleged he had forged, had ou mature reñection come to the conclusión that the signatura was genuine, having forgotten both the iact and the circumstance ot the time he made an affidavit denying the signature. -On the 18th and 19th of April the Ladies ' Library Association hopes to celebrate its teoth anniversary. Upon this occasion the ladies design to give a Centennial Tea Party, to which they cordially invite all their fnends. All who have old relies which they ara willing to exhibit, are earnestly requested to coinmunicate with Mrs. A. II. Hunt, North State treet. Ttese r&ípjs will be placed in glass cases, unter lock and key, that there m ay be 'Uo chance of their bing injured. -Mrs Elizabeth Esseck, sister of Philip Bach, of this city, died in Detroit on Friday last, of heart disease, aged 44 years. Her remains were brought to this city for interment, and the funeral took place on Sunday afternooo, from the residence of Mr. Bach, the Rev. S. Haskell officiating. On the lOth ot February, Mrs. E. then being sick, her husband, worn down by care of her and despondent because of being out of employtnent, left home for a short walk, and has not been since heard of, though immediate and thorough search was instituted. Mrs. E. leaves a family of five children.