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- Dou't forget the junior exhibitiou at the Hili School building this evening. - Iu the townships new voters raust register on Saturday of next week, - April lat. - Messrs. Mack & iSchmid have disposod of their branch store at Manchester to Messrs. Nathaniel and Tiinothy Schmid. - The receipts of the St. Thomas School entertainment on Fnday evening last, amounted to about i'200. - D. P. Groves took photographic views of the Third and Fourth school buildings on Tuesday, - for the Ceutennial volume. - Judge Huntujgton dined out yesterday aud was halt' an hour late : to the gratification of bar and jurors. He promised " reform." - ïhe Republicana of Aun Arbor Towu are to nominóte candidates for town ofïicers tomorrow at 2 o'clock i. M., at the Court House. - Joe T. Jacobs hangs out his bauner in the AïtGUS to-day. Joe is au old hand in the " biz" and kuows just what his customers and the public generally want. - Dr. S. H. Douglas, of this city, has been aotitied oL his electiou aj oorrespoilding ineraber of the New York Acadeuiy of Sciences, aa honor seientitic men covet. -.Bemember to register next Wednesday if jou wish to vote on the 3d of April : that is ii you have becoiue a voter or changed your rosïtdenoG siuce the luH electiou. - It is liinted that City Attorner McKeynokls is so proud of that bouk of his (the charter and city ordmaucos) that he carriea it to hurch with hun in lieu of his prayer book. - Greorge Fischer, a well known citizen ol this city, and for many j'ears a butcher doing business on Hurou street, died at Weyher, iieur Worms, Germany. He was 58 years old. -The Alpha Sigma " public " w held in the hall of the central school building last evening. Besolution discusaed : " Resolved, 'IViat the languages should be taught iu om public schools." - " Resolved, That Queen Elizabeth was uot justifiable in the execution of Mary Stuart, Queen oí tícots : n that is the quöt-tion the Philomathiau Society of the High School discusseJ and settled on Wednesday eveuiug. - Eev. Dr. J. M. G-regory, tormerly of this city but tor several yettrs President ot the Illinois Industrial Üiiiversity, at Ohampaigu has resigned. He wauts to give his time to the publicatiou of some bcioks h hah iu preparation. - One night 'last week Mis. Antoii Neble, of Sharon, ns wakened by hearing her Ittle girl breathe as if straniilmg, and found her hair drawn and knotted so closely arouud her neck that it had to be uut ot. Luo would have sooit been extinct. - We are indebted to our friend H. C. Lewis, of Coídwater, for a uew catalogue of his Art Uallery. It now contaius about 550 works of art - paiutings, statuary, etc. - origioals and copies, and is opened to the public every Saturday ree of charge. - The sash, door and blind factory of the late John G. Miller, located on Detroit street in this city, is to be sold at auctiou to-morrow (Marcli 2óth), at 11 o'clock A.M. A rare opportunity is offered to parlies wislung to embark in that line of manufactures, th shop being new, the machinery good, and the locatiou excellent. - Last week was a had week for legs at Mooreville. Ou the ltith Trumau Uarpenter feil over a buuch of cornstalks and broke a leg ; on the 17th Greorge Shavr w,is cuttmg wood aud a psrverse stick " weut for " one of his legs, - result, a fracture ; and a man, whose name we did not learu, met a similar accident Some two weeks ago Johu Throop, of the same place, was run away with and had a leg broken Who next ' ,- . .