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A Letter From The Saviour

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Among the countless curiosities of iterature which the search for centcnaial relies lias brought to light, a partieiilarly eurious one lias just been published in the Mason (Mich.) News. It pnrports to be nothing less than a literal translation of a letter written by Christ liimself, and found eighteen miles from Lconium sixty-three years after the crucifixión, the original Hebre w copy of which is said to be still in possession of a certain family in Mesopotamia. The copy furnished the News was brought from England by Mrs. Herbert, of Plainwell, sixty-three years ago, and was extremely old when it flrst cime into her possession. Iñ fact, it crumbled to pieces with age, and its owner, who sincerely believes it to be the word of God, set about joining the pieces together, a tesk which took her weeks of persevering labor to accomplish. As for the letter itself, it is a simple eshortation to keep the Sabbath ; to keep the commandments ; to "fast for fivo Fridays in every year, begiuniug with Good Friday ;" to ' ' cause them that are baptized'to go to church and roceive the saeraments, and be made incmbers of tho ckuxoh ;" together with other gooiladvice, such as a modern pastor might properly write a member of bis flock without any pratense that it -was of divine origin. Doubtless, however, that which led to its having been so long and sacredly preserved - almost worshiped as afetich - is the concluding paragrapii, which runs thus : "Bemember, ho that hathacopy of this letter, written with ïny own hand and spoken with my own moutli, and koepeth it without pnblishing it to others, shall not prosper ; but ha that publisheth it to others shail be blessed of me, and though liis sins be in number as the stars of the sky, and he trnly belioves in me, they shall be pardoned ; but if he believe not in me and my coui mandments, I will send my plagues upon him and upon his children and upon lus eattle ; and whosoever shall have a copy of this letter in his house, nothing shall hurt them- neither lightning, pesfcilence nor thunder ; and if o. woman be in labor and a py of this letter be about hr, and she tirnily put bei trust m ine, Phe shajl safely bc ielivered. You elmll have no tidings of me but by tho Holy Scriptures until the Day of Judgmcnt. All goodness, liappinesa and prosperity shall be in the house where a copy of tliia letter is to be found."


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