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The Eclectic Magazine for April is embel lished with a very fine portrait oi the late Hon. Beverdy Johnson, accompanied by an appreciative hfe-sketch by the editor. The more noticeable artieles are : Modern Materialism, its Attitude toward Theology, by Bev James Martineau, in respouse to Prof. Tyndall ; Modern ïinglish Prose, by Geo. Saintabury ; Letters from South America, by Lady Barker ; On the Border Territory between the Animal and Vegetable Kingdom, by Prof. Huxley ; The Truth about the Bastille ; Her Dearest Foe, by Mrs. Alexandsr, chaps. XXI. to xxv. ; Demonolatry, Devil-Dancing, and Demoniacal Possession ; Germán Home Life, by a Lady, lx. - Marriage and Children ; Papal Conclaves ; Cardinal Mazarin. There are poems by Macdonald and Swinburne, with well-filled departments. E. B. Pelton, New York. The Catholic World for April, the initial number of the XXIII. volume has : How we are Misrepresented Abroad, A Poet Among the Poets, Are You My Wife ? A Sequel of the G-ladstone Controversy, Primeval Hermans, Labor in Europe and America, Sir Thomas More, Italian Commerce in the Middle Ages, A Daughter of the Puritaus, Prussia and the Church, Notre Dame de Pitre, The Eterual Years, with several pieces of poetry, and reviewB of new publications. The Catholic Publication House, New York. Centennial Exposition Ticket InfoemaTION. - For the benefit of parties going to the Centennial Expoaition, I would saythat, First, Centennial Tickets will be placed on sale May lat. Second, the price to Philadelphia and return will be about $25.50 Third, to Philadelphia and return, going via. New York City, $1.00 more. Fourth, tickets will be good tor 60 days from date of purchase. Fifth, the " stop over " privilege will be the same both ways as on regular tickets. Sixth, I will have tickets by all the various roads reasonably direct. Seveuth, tickets will return via. all the usual routes, including Baltimora and Washington. No tickets will be issued going via. Boston, but we will have round trip tickets to Boston at reduced rates, and parties can buy Centennial tickets there Any additional inEormation I may get I will give the public ;hrough the presa. Baggage checked through md sleeping car berths secured free by tele;raph, on application to my office. Anu Arbor, March 30th, 1876. G. W. Shaepless, Agent M. C. E. B.