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Blaine's Military Career

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When Blaine at last got the floor, he made a powerful speech, goading and lashing his adversaries in bis usual rnerciless style. There is quite as much in Blaine's marmer as matter. His whole immense body seems to radiate excitement; he shakes it f rom his finger tips; ! he seems dealing blow on blow upon j some prostrate enemy; his head is stretched forward with straining cords and starting eyes, or drawn up and back in defipnt assumption of impregnability. It is a wonder how he ever kopt out of the army with such a temperament as j his. - Boston Transcript. Commenting upon the abnve the New York Sun eays: "There is no mystery about the way in which Mr. Biaine kept out of the army. Like many other patriots who would have made admirable brigadier-generáis, he successfully struggled against his martial temperament, and continued to growrich in the service j of his country at a safe distance from ! the front. Then, in the dark hour of need, wbich he 'cannot even now,' as he says, ' af ter the lapse of thirteen years, recall without a ahudder,' Mr. Blaine was dralted. Again he managed to master his belligerent propensities, and hired a substitute. This substituto, it may be added, was comfortably provided for in the Provostmarahal's office at Augusta, Me., but was soou transí erred to the county jail for forging eoldiers' certificates of discharge. Mr. Blaine did not procure another representative. His military record ended, by proxy, behind prison bars, and it was not until a dozen years after that he himself began to fight the battles of the rebellion. And even now he cannot recall them without a shudder!"


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