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Niii.isal, at St. Louw, Mo, June 27. Michigan la cntitledto twenty-two delegues. State, at brnaiag, May 24. This county is to six delegates. lx THE Senate on Tuesday the uomination of Richard H. Dana, jr., to be Minister to England, was rtjected by a vote of 17 to 36. And Ben. Butler ia a happy man. The Senate organized as a court of impeachment on Wednesday, the requisito oath being adniinintered by Chief-Justice Waite. Formal summons was ordered issued to ex-Seoreiary Belkuap, returnable at 1 o'clock P. IL, of the 17th inst., to which hour the court then adjourned. Isn't the Detroit Post in error in saying : " The State Board of Managers somt; time since offered to be at the expense of binding the specimens of school work that might be sent in from the various towns in the State, and the educational agont furnished instructious tor the preparation of the work '(" The offer was, if we are not mistaken, to got the binding done at tho expense of the parties sending the manusorips forward, and was siinply designed for the accommodation of such schools as had no binderies at their location competent to do the work. A Detroit correspondont of the New York Times having trotted out Henry A. Ford, of Kalamazoo, editor of the Michigan Teacher, as a candidato for the Republican nomination for Superintendent of Public Inatruction, that gentleman makes hasto to disavow the soft impeachment. We believe that several years ago - perhaps he had not then cut bis wisdom teeth - the gentleman nained made himself a very active candidato for the position in questiim, and supposod for some weeks that he held the nomination in his hand. His failure to grasp the prize was so mortifying that we are not surprised that he remembers the niaxim : "A burnt ohild dreads the fire." The Detroit Tribune has been examining into the charge that Senator Thurman, of Ohio, " had received a $50,000 fee for infiuencing legislation in favor of the Atlantic & Great Western Railway Company, and classing it as " another scandal which seems to have been pretty tffectually knocked in the head," adds : "The evidence seems very thoroughly to disprove the charge, and we are glad to note the fact. Senator Thurman belongs too emphatically to the wrong party to ever be elected Prasideut, but he is a man of unimpeoohed integrity and high ability." The confession or assertion of the last clause is sufficient for the press : the Presidential chances of the Senator are not to be so easily disposed of by a fling at the " wrong party." The city and township elections held in this State on Monday, were, witb here and there an exception, so utterly without political significance that it is useloss to burden our columns with re turns. Party linea were nowhere closely drawn, in faot hung as loosoly as a shirt on a bean-pole. The Republicana elected Mayors in Monroe, Adrián, Hillsdale, Coldwater, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Jaokson, Marshall, Battle Creek; Grand Rapids, Hastings, Lansing, Flint, St. Clair, Marquette, and perhaps sundry other places - but olean sweeps were "scace." The Demócrata elected Mayors in Niles, Port Huron, Saginaw City, Eust Saginaw, Bay City, Grand Haven, Ionia, Corunna, Owosso, Pontiao, Wyandotte, and other cities - the tickets being generally politically divided. That is all that need bo said. Col. Dyer has been betore one of tb Ose " pesky " investigating committees at Washington, and his testimony sustaiued the detective, Lee, who swore that he was sent to St. Lou3 to look into the hands of the prosecution, advise Babcock of the proofs against him, and aid him in his defense ; and, besides, that he was desired to steal the papers from Dyer's offioe. Dyer also stated that " the testimony taken by the grand jury was given to the defense by a juror nauied Fox, one of the two who voted against finding an indietment and afterward came here, (to Washington) and gave the testimony away, getting, in some way, his sou appointed to some office." Fox gots his reward for riolating his oath and " giving away " the secrets of the grand jury. Lee gets an appointment from Secretary Chandler on the recommendation of the President, goes to St. Louis in the interest of Baboook, reports to the President his belief in Babcook's guilt, and is discharged on tho President's recommendation. Fox takes an office, Lee loses one. Put that and that together. The Coxnecticut election, held on Mouday, resultud in a Democratie victory, Ingorsoll being ro-elected Governor by a handsome majonty over all, and this despite the fact that the Republicans had their strongest man in the field, a Timi'.li stronger candidato than last year, and also despite the desperate fight. made by the " greenbackers " to doient the Democracy because the State Convention refused to fall down and worship the soft-uionoy god. The total vote of the State is 98,485, talling short of last year's voto 2,498. The several candidates received, Ingersoll, Dom., 51,071. 'Robinson, Rep., 43,557. Atwater, greenback, 1,996. Smith, prohibition, 1,871. . lngersoll's plurality, 7,514 ; ruajority over all, 3,657. Last year his majority was 6,538, and hig plurality, 9,480. The Senate stands 18 Dumoerats, 3 Republicans : a gain of 3 for the former. The House ha 159 Demoorats, 85 Republicana, and 2 Iudepeudauts : a Democratie gain of 32 members. Majority on joint ballot, 87 ; last year, 34. Which securea a Dumocratic United StateB Senator in place of Euglish, now bolding by appointment, aud also the electoral vote of the State next November for the Democratio candidato for President.


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