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Centennial Railroad Fares

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It is time to say tbat the success of the Centennial exhibition is gravely iinperiled. First. - Thero will be on the opening day - the lOth of next month - a serious lack of American furniture at band, nnd some of the foreign departments will be in partial chaos. Second - The inefficiënt methods of advertising adopted by the Ceutennial Commissioa, with no positivo assurance against local extortions, have set people at thinking twice about spending their money at the big show. Third - The railroad companies have made an extraordinary blundftt in redueing their passenger rates to and from Philadelphia only twenty-five per cent. Negro niinstf el troupes and opera and theatre companies can get better terms any time of the year. The managers of the Exhibition have i in some directions dispiayed unprecedented abilities and resources. The buildings are excellent. Many arrangements f or public convenience, health and j comfort, which wei-e wanting at Londoo, Paris and Vierina, are nearly completed at Philadelphia. But it is a great pity if Gov. Hawley, the President of the Centennial Commission, and Mr. Welsh, the President of the Centennial Board of Finance, have been so much ongrossed by the details of tbeir ive departments as to omit any endeavor to check the apprehensions which exist all over the country that "it will cost ; too much to go to the big show." That I widespread apprehensioli to this effect ; prevails, is a fact that there is no use in j concealing. It is testifled to by our i country exchanges from all quarters of the Union, and by railroad agenta in I divers places. These are hard times. ; Western and southern merchants would like to unite with their business in New ! York a visit to the Cen+ennial tion with their famüies; but if pricesare too high, wives and children will stay. at home. The promoters of stock shows and country f airs are every where holding out unnsual inducements to keep the country people from spending their money outside of their own neighborkoods. The railroad companies skould nounce half-rates immediately, and the j Centennial Commission should publish an authoritative schedule of living prices


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