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A lady s.iys : "I would like to teil y:m readers how I havo kei)t my housepiüuts through tlit'. eoldest. niglits, so far this winter : I set them ou the table, draw the table in t' the center of the room, drop the curtaius it the windoww, leave the lamp burning in the middle of I the room, and timl ray plants all right in the morning. Oost, one cent per night." Hominy Croquettes. - To a cupial of cold, boiled hominy add a teaspoonful nielted butter, and stir it well, adding by degrees a cupful of inilk, lili all is made into a soft light passte ; add a teaI spoonful of wljite sugar and oüo well beatón egg. Roll into oval baila with Uoured hands ; dip in beaten egg, then roll cracker crumbs, and fry in hot lard. Left-Handed. - A mother writes thnt her sou ia left-handed, and aaks " if it will be an injmy to him when grown if be continúes to write with his left hand." By no means. Left-handed persons suffer from a ccrtaiu inconvenicnce in boing in this r speet unlike most other people, bt it does not aniount to an injury. Our foremost oducators eay tbat both hands should be alike educated, and might be, if parents and teachers would be at the pains of requiring children to be ambidexters. One of our prominent generáis in tho "late unpleasantness " lost his right arm, and writesa very legible backhand with his left hand. Wabrantable Pudding. - Two cups of flour, one cup sugar, one tablespoonful biïtter, one egg, one teaspoonfnl sodn, two of cream of tartar ; stoam one and onehalf hours. Currante, raisins, or any fruit desired can be used. Do not remove the cover till done, and I think I liear you say, "I never tasted itsequal." Hard Times Plum Pudding. - Quartor of a pound of finely-chooped suet, the same of ftrated bread crumbs, currants, raisins and flour; add two tablespoon ful s of molasses and half a pint of milk; all of which must be well mixed togetlwr and boüed in a mold for three and a half ïours. Serve with sauce. Cohns and Warts. - Warts aro very ;roublesome and disiiguring. The folowing is a perfect cure, even of tbc largest, without leaving any scar. It is a Frenchman's prescription, and has been tested by the writer: Take asmall piece of raw beef and steep it all night in vinegar, cut as much as will cover the wart, and tie it on it; if the excrescence is on the forehead, fasten it on with strips of sticking-plastr. It may be removed in the day and put on every night. In one fortnight the wart will dit and peel off. The same prescription will cure corns.


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