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A Cure For Strikes

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This is the war between labor and capital - capital eontinually withdrawing itself from healikful work because it is afraid of losiug its price, coiitinunlly at diflerence with its one friend, without whora it must perish ; labor strikiKg, demanding shorter time, more wages, dictating imperious rulos about piecework and apprentices, quarreliug with its one friend, without whora it must die or seek tho poor-house. To adjust these differences is tho problem of 'tho day. One way out of the difflouKy is to make tho laborer a capitalist. Tlio savings bank is tho chief aid in this direotion. L„t the workcr put a part of his carnings in n bank, and he becomos a capitalist in a sniall way. Ho lsaxns to view the subject of interest and divídenos with the eyes of a tender, and he is straightway jealous of his capital and its rights. He joins the other party, and, belonging to both, ho the inore readily sees that it is for the interest of both to work together. Education is offered as another solución. Give the vorkinginan a business edueation, and he learns to see and understand the laws that govern the ïnovements of wages and interest. Fiually comes the idea of eo-operation - the giving the laborer a share in the guidance and profits of tho work, the union of capital and labor in any particular undertaking. Cooporation ia, iu theory, the most sensible and the most just' solution to this question that has been offered. In practice, it has beeu attendod with every imaginable degree of success and failure. It has been repentedly tried in cvery branch of business, both here and in Europe. In a certain wny, it is aiready in activo operation through tiiu agency of savings banks, loan, fnendly, and building associations, and insurauce companies. But, as these are usually nianaged, they are not wbolly co-operative in a commercial sense. In the case of savings banks, the laboréis contribute to the eppital and have no control over it, while capitalists manago the funds for a salary, or an extra dividend, or other consideration, over and abovc the interest paid to the real owners of the


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