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The Influence Of Newspapers

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A school teacher, who had been a loog time engaged in his profeasion, and witnessed the inñueuce of a newspaper upon theminds of afamilyof cbildren, writesas follows : I have found it to be a universal fact, without exception, that those scholars of both sexes, and of all ages, who have access to newspapers at home, when compared with those who have not, are : 1. Better readers, excellent in pronunciation, and, consequently read more uuderstandingly. 2. ïhey are better spellers, and define woi'ds with ease and accuracy. 3. They obtain practical knowleclge of geography in almost half the time it requires of others, as the newspapers have made them acquainted with the location of the important places of the nations, their governmeut and doings on the globe. 4. They are better grammariacs, for, haviug become familiar with every variety ot styles in newspapers, froin the commoupliicn adyertisement to the fiuished and classical oration of the statesman, they mote readily comprehend tho meauiug of the text, and consüuitly analyze its construction with accuracy. 5. They write better compositions, using better lauguage, containing more thoughts. more clearly and more correctly expressed. 6. Tliose young men who nave for yeais been readers of newspaperfe are always taking the iead in debnting societies, exhibiting more extensive knowledge upon a greater varitty of subjects, and expressing their viéWs with greater fluency, clarness, and eorrechiess.


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