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The House took another tura at the Resumption act on Monday, the persistent Holman moving to " suspend the mies and pass a bilí to repoal so much of the Resumption act as authorized the redemption and cancellation of United States notes and the sale of United Stetes bonds for the accoinplishment of that purpose." The motion was lost by a vote of 115 to 111. ! it not about time that Holman quit playing the doraagogue ? There is such a thing as overdaing the thiug. We are glad to note that no Michigan members voted witb the " repealers." This is the way the sensation poot of the Detroit Post shoots off his rhymes in glaring head lines on Mr. Blaine's recent explanation : " Ex-Speaker Blaine appeara upon the floor, Proves share charge nuiuber 2 a blatant. roar For souie who canuot hurt, but only bore, And leaves the Democratie chargers feeling sore." As the " ohargers " against Blaine are Eepublicans and Morton 's " nest friends," the lines are only another sample of " rhyme without reason." Hon. D. C. Leaoh has sold the Grand Traverse Herald to Morgan Bates, of the Marshall Statesman, and is about to remove to Springfield, Mo. Mr. Leach has benn long in public life in this State, and represnted the Lansing district in Congress from 1857 to 1861, - two terms. -The speeoh of Hon. J. P. Jones, of Nevada, made in the U. S. Senate, April '24 and 25, on " the bill to amend the Uw relating to legal Under oí silver ooin," lilis thirty-two pages of the Congremonal Rteord. Yet the speeoh would have been longer had Jones been strenger. - In the Jaokson county Republican convention, held on Saturday last, a vote for President was taken resulting as follows : Blaine, 54 ; Bristow, 17 ; Chandler, 7 ; Morton, 3 ; Hayes, 2 ; Colfax, 2; Coukling, 1. And now " Smilet " will get right up and " decline." The House having amended a standing rule so as to perinit the Speaker, when necessarily absent on aocount ot his health, to name th Speaker pro tem. for a period not to exceed ten days, on Monday Speaker Kerr gave the ehair and his ga vel to Hoti. S. S. Cox. The Adrián Times, very modestly and not in terms indicating zealous support, states the faot that " some of the friends of the Hon. John K. Boise, of Hudson, are nientiouing him in connection with the Kepublioan nomination for Congress in this distriot. - Gov. Kice, of Mass., has vetoed the bill legalizing the marriage of James Parton witb his step-daughter, and the House has refused te pass it over the veto. Eough on Parton. - "Der Mr. Seoretary- Father directs me : " that is the way U. 8 Grant, jr., addresses official Communications to the Secretary of the Interior Rather free and easy. The Bay City Tribune brings out Hon. James Shearer as a candidate for Governor, and pits the Saginaw Valley lumberman against the Lenawee law yot. ___ . Pn""--' rnnuiiurij The Philadelphia Presa says thu Grant was tempted into the Presidenc; in 1868. It 6 funny to see how thi temptation tackles men sometimes Tempted, Ulysses may have been, but i is nowhere recorded that hs ever tole the tempter to get behind him, unies it was when Ulysses hald his hand bac! there and cloaed his eyes. - Kamo City Time. The New York Herald considera tha Governor Tilden has every reason to be satisfied with the results of the Utica convention. The delegates are bound as effeotually to support Tilden as if ex plicitly directed to give in their votes As thiugs now look, Tilden is far aheac of his Demoeratic cempetitors in the Presidential race. Judge Davis seems to be mostly a Washington candidate. Not a single prominent Democratie newspaper favors bis nomination, and the only State thal develops any sentiment for him is Illinois, where the majority of the Dein ocratio State Committee are said to prefer him. - Bvffalo Courier. Should the Democracy put up an "olc Bourbod " or " war horse," aay man, in fact, who is thoroughlyideutified with the old ante-war issues, he will not couiinand the independent vote. The independent voter is going to be caught by no platforms or appeals to the records of parties. He is going quietly to the polls and cast bis vote, and the sido on which he caste that vote will win. What the St. Louis Convention must do is thus set forth by Ihe Utica Observer : " The day for compromisos with corruption or politieal heresies bas gone by. Ón the, on the tarifï", and, most of all, ou the question of administrativo reform, the 8t. Louis Couvention must give forth no unoertain sound The candidate must be taken trom the tbick of the fight - not from the fence.' Secretary Robeson has informed the naval officers that they will receive only one-half their pay this month. Robeson may be trying to economize, even at tbis late period of his career, but as he stated before ono of the House Committee that the appropriation would abundantly provide for all expenses, including pay of officers, he must have forgotten himself and paid sonie of the o ld scores witb the officers' money. - Courier Jwirnal. It is said that Mr. Blaine announces positively that he will not withdraw from the raoe for the Presidential noraination; also, that there are suveral candidates to whoin he would give his strength in preference to Mr. Bristow. Like other prophets, Bristow is without honor in his own country. The delegates from his own county, Jefferson, to the Kentucky State Presidentinl Convention, are instructed for Morton. The (ireenback System. This iystem may be briefly stated thus : - Let the Government issue a large amount - all it wants to use at least - of paper currency never to bc redeemed: actual paper money. To keep the currency regular, and accommodate the amount in oirculation to the wants of business, letit be provided tbat any man may receive govermneut bonds drawing interest for whatever amount he may have idle. Then when he gets a chance to lend it, or sbave a mortgoge with it again, he exchanges his bond for greenbacks, plus the acorusd interest. And thus the game goes on. Old Money Bags hands his millions to the Governmont, that may not have the slightest use for them, and tbus creates a scarcity. Then, as fust as he gets it lent at ten, or more, per cent., he give his bonds back, and roceives their interest, which must come from the people. When his mortgages are paid, and bil ooffers full of idle greenbacks again, be detuandi bis bond agam. And thaa be alternates, pu'ting bis "rag-baby" to suck, now the necessitous, aud now the (roveriuneut, but always at the expense of the country. - This is the " inter-conrertible greenback ayatem." -


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