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Why The Republican Party Must Be Destroyed

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It seems almost impossible to find a , sound spot in Grant's adrninistration. n every department and branöh of the mbiic service rottenness is fonnd when;ver the searohing probe of inveatiga;ion is applied ; and y et the disco veries ,hus far made are in great raeasure due o accident and to the reckless habits ot officials, who, from long immunity and coüsciousness of power, exposé 1 themselvea to detection. The late Secretary of War is impeached ; the Secretary of the Navy is iikely to experience the same infliction ; he Indian department is honeycombed with jobbery in the Indian Bureau, the Land Office, the Pension Office, and the Patent Office ; the Postoffice departmont is stuffed with straw bids and collusive contracta ; the Treasury under Boutwell and B chardson was a masa of false entries, foroed balances, over-issues, and deceptive bookkeeping ; the t Department of Justico has been a political machine for perseeuting opponents of Grantism, swindling the Treasury, and enriching the worst class of scoundrels that ever disgraced the American name ; and the State department has been used to betray American policy and to furnish euormous fees for tho Socretary's son-in-law. It was quite natural with a President who worships the golden calf, a'nd with a Cabinet made up of subservient clsrks, who were glad to register his edicts, that rings should have been organized to control the political power of the adniini8tration. The Babcocks, Shepherds, Kilbonrnes, McDonaids, Joyces, and that crew, formed the kitchen Cabinet, surrounded Grant socially and almost captured the Government. They had access to all the secrete, suppressed what they pleased and crushed out opposition. In Congress the voice of the minority waa stifled by Blaine, who as Speaker was a despot. He had two motives to guide him, ñrst his own success, and secondly the success of the party. Though the two were combined, he made the second always subservient to the first. The Senate was governed by a few leaders, whose rulo of action was to give a clean bill of health to every infected partisan like Pomeroy, and to whitewash every subject of investigation like the salo of arras to France, or the Leet and Stocking monopoly. Thus the Government has been run as a close Corporation, in the exclusive interest of officeholders, rings, contractors, and rascáis. The groater the thief , the more recpgniïed his position. Grant set the example of being a guest of Boss Shepherd, and drove through the streets of the capital with McDonald by his side, who is now philosophizing over human vanities in the cell of a peuitentiary. Grant knew him to be a thief, for his friend Ford had told him so ; but that fact made no difference. As McDonald said, the goose hung altitudlem. The chiefs who were highest in favor with Grant and his Senate at Washington planned the conspiracy by which the Freedman's bank was plundered of nearly all its deposits, and the poor negroes were cheated out of their hard earnings. Henry D. Cooke, Gen. O. O. Howard, Hallett Kilbourne, John O. Evans, Lewis Olephane, Boss Shepherd, W. S. Huntington, Geo. W. Stickney, J.W. Alvord, and other familiar ring ñames, stripped this institution of millions, and left as "securities" Séneca stone scrip and af hor t.i-asVi. in which Grant was a large stockholder without havmg paid a dimo for his shares. The conspiracy to rob thp bank by these knaves, fully illuminated by the Sun yearsago, is now plain to every eye, and every one concerned in it ought to be indicted. The books are mutilatod, the accounts are purposely confused, and there is every token of a delibérate plan to steal the money, ín which the officers and trustees of the bank were implicated. It is wholly impossible that there could have been any honest supervisión or any desire to protect the unfortunate depositors, in presence of the debris which is left as the proof of organized robbery. The Government printing office has turned out to bo nothing but the same enormous f raud which the &un has exposed repeatedly during the last three or four years. Fraudulent books, suppressed entries of sales, diversión of public money, and stealing on all sidts, are but a part of the systern which has log made that office a scandal and a shame, and coat the country iaillions of dollars. It has been maintained by corruption in Congress, and would have continuod undisturbed but for the change in the House of Representatives. Yet witla all these developments and others which are sure to come, the surface has been barely scratched. The bottom f acts cannot possibly be reached and the whole truth known until this Administration is driven root and branch out of power and the Republiean party is erushed into powder. The two are insppai-ably connected together, in spite of any personal antagonisms which may exist, or the individual pnrity of some leaders and many followers. Corruption has so spread through the whole machinery of Government that reform is impracticable without new heads and new hands. The Jtepublican party munt bc annihilated. There is no other safety.-


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