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Prof. Watson, of the Michigan uni versity, and Prof. Peters, of Hamilton college, have not yet finished thei great planet-shooting match, in whicl they are engaged for the belt (Orion 's and the championship of the globe They challenge the world to comp?te. We do not know exactly how the score stands at present, but, as a matter of State pride, we are bound to say that it has ceased to be an aflair of skill with Prof. Watsorj. His repntation is now so widespread that when any sknlkin] planet sees his telescope pointed toward it, it knocks under at once like Capt. Scott's coon, and remarks, " Don't look ; Til come down." His latest suecess was acliieved when he was out hunting on Monday night. .He had treed the "varmint" the night previoiis, but parüy becnnse it sneaked in behind some clouds, and partly on account of the Professor's respect for the Sabbath, he did not capture it. The next night, however, was favorable, and he discovered the " critter " in the constellation Virgo, and carne up with it at right ascensión thirteen hours and twentynine minutes, and doclination eleven degrees and forty-seven minutes south. When he fairly covered it its motion was ono minute daily in right ascensión and north two minutes daily in declination. It proved to be a pretty fair specimen - one of the eleventh magnitude, f rom muzzle to tip of the tail. - Detroit Post. Germán soldiers use no tents, but sleep upon the ground, rolled up in their big cloaks. French soldiere carry about with them tents, and, being sinall men, are so tired out when they come up to the scratch of fighting that the biggor men unloaded from the other side of the Bhine are always liable to have a fair shake at them in a hand-to-hand conflict. The French military leaders, however, are disposed to chango their old ways slowly.


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