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Thfc fooi hath said, " There is no God I" No God ! Who lights the morning sun, And sends hïm on his heavenly road, A f ar and brilliant courae to run? Yho, when th radiaut day is done, Holds forth the naoon'a nocturnal lamp, And bids the planets, one by one, Steal o'er the night vales dart and damp? No God ! Who gives the evening dew ? The fanning breeze, the fostering shower? Whowarms the spring morn's budding bough, And planta the Bummer's noontide ñower ? Who spreads in the autumnal bower The fruit trees' mellow stores around, And sends the winter! icy power To invigorate th exhausted ground ? No God ! Who makes the bird to wing lts flight like arrowthrough the sky, And glves the deer the power to spring From rock to rock triumphantly? Who formed Behenaoth, huge and high, That at a draught the river drains, And great Leviathan to lie, Like fioating isle, on ocean plains? No God ! Who warms the heart to heave" With thoupand leelings soft and aweet, And prompts the appiriug soul to leave The earth we tread beneath our f e et, And soar away on pinions fleet Beyond the Rcenes of mortal atrlf e, With fair, ethereal forms to meet, That tells us of the af ter life? No God! Who ftxed the solid ground Of pillare strong that alter not? Who spread the curtained skies around? Who doth the ocean bouuds allot ? Who all things to perf ection brought On earth below, in heaven above ? Go aak the fooi of impious thought Who dares to say, " There is no God !"


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