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The Presidential Canvass

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Over one-half of the delegates of the ïepublican National convention, and iver one-third of the delegates to the Democratie National convention, have iow been chosen. The following is a esume of the werk already done, and a abular statement of the conventions yet o be held : thk democbatk: canvass. Democratie State conventions for the he election of delegates to the National sonvention have been held as follows, up ;o date : Massaclmsotts, Sept. 22, 1876 ; Louisiana, Jan. 6 ; Texas, Jan. 7 ; New Earopshire, Jan. 11 ; Oonnecticut, Feb. 23 ; Bhode Mand, March 16 ; Pennsylrania, March 22 ; Indiana, April 19 ; Nebrasko, April 19 : Oi-pgon, April 26 ; New York, April 26 ; South Carolina, May 4. In Georgia, couventions in the rarious Congressional districts chose lelegates April 26. The whole number of delegates thus shosen is 292. The Democratie National sonvention at St. Louis will bö composed if 738 members. But one delegation thus f ar chosen to 3t. Louis has been instructed. The Iniiana delegation was instructed to present the name of, and vote for, Mr. HenJricks. The New York convention inJorsed Mr. Tilden for the Presidency. Ihough the delegation were not formally instructed to vote for Mr. Tilden, it is known that they are nearly all for kim, ind, as the delegation were instructed at CJtica to vote as a unit in the National jonvention, it is as good as settled that the thirty-five votes of New York, repre?ented by seventy delegates, will be thrown solidly for the Governor. The Nebraska convention did not instruct, but the delegation is unanimously for Mr. Tilden. The conventions of Oonnecticut, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Bhode Island, md Texas expressed no Presidential preferences, and their delegations go aninstructed, The following is a list of the Democratie State conventions yet to be held for the purpose of electing delegates to the National convention at St Louis: Date.. State. Location. May 15 Nevada Careon. May 17 Ohio Cincinnati. May 18 Kalman Topeka. May 23 N'-w Jersey Trenton. May 24 Colorado Pueblo. May 24 Michigan Lansing. May 24 California Sacramento. May 25 Kentucky . Louisville. May 31 Maryland Baltimore. May 31 Alabama Montgomery. May 31 Virginia ïtichmond. May 31 Teunüssee NashviUe. May 31 Missouri Jefferson City. June 1 Minnesota St. Paul. Tune 7 Wiseonain Milwaukee. June 8 Weet Virginia . . . Charleston. June 13 Maine Bangor. June 14 Mississippi Jackson. Juue 14 North Carolina . .Raleigh. Jnue 14 rkansas Little Hoek. June 21 Florida Quincy. June 22 Illinois Springfleld. THE KBPUBLICAN CANVASS. Bepublican State and Territorial conventions for the election of delegates to the Cincinnati National convention have been held as follows: Texas, January 12; Indiana, February 22; Wisconsin, Pebruary 22; Connecticut, February 29; utah, March 9; New York, March 22; Rhode Island, March 23; Vermont, March 29; Ohio, Mafch 29; Pennsylvania, March 29; Mississippi, Marcii 31; Nevada. April 5; South Carolina, April 12; Virginia, April 12; Montana, April 19; Colorado, April 20; California, April 26; Massachusetts, April 26; Arkansas, Ipril 27; Oregon, May 3; Georgia, May i; Maryland, May 4. These conventions chose in the aggreajate 400 delegates. The Massachusetts sonvention elected but four (the delejates at large), the others being left to the choice of the district conventions. The State Executive Committee of North Carolina has chosen four delegates at íarge, so that the whole number of delegates chosen to date is 404. The whole aumber of delegates in the Kepublican National convention will be 752. The Pennsvlvania convention instructed its delegates (58) for Mr. Hartranft ; the Ohio convention instructed Eor Mr. Hayes (44) ; the Montana Territory and Maryland conventions instructed for Mr. Blaine (14) ; Mr. Blaine was also indorsed by resolution for the aomination for President 'by the conventions of Virginia, California, Oregon and Wisconsin, representing 60 delegates. Mr. Conkling has received the recomtaendation by formal resolution of the sonvention of New York ; and Mr. Morton follows with the indorsement of the Indiana, Arkansas and Mississippi conventions. The conventions of Bhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Connecticut lefv. their delegations to go to Cincinnati untrammeled. Tke following is a list of the Bepublican State conventions yet to meet before the assembling of the National convention at Cincinnati. Date. State. Location May 10 Michigan Grand Kapids. May 11 West Virginia Clarksburg. May 16 Alabama Montgomery. May 17 Tennessee Nashville. May 17 New Jersey Trenton. May 18 Kentucky Louisville. May 23 Nebraska Fremont. May 24 Minnesota St. Paul. May 24 Illinois Springfield. . May 24 Missouri Jefferson City. May 24 New Hampshire. . Concord. May 24 Alabama Montgomery. May 24 Kausas Topeka. May 30 Louisiana New Orlnans. May 31 Iowa Des Moines. May 31 Florida Madison. It will be noticed that two Bepublican State conventions are set down for Alabama - that of M&y 16 being called by the Wickersham wing of the party, and that of May 24 by their opponents. In Maine the delegates are to be chosen by Congressional districts. In North CaroJina the delegates-at-large have already been selected by the State Executive committee, and the other delegates will be chosen by the District conventions.


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