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No Time Like The Old Time

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BT OLXYEB WESDELL HOLMES. There is no tiine like the old time, When you and I were yoxing, "Wbf n the buds of April blossomed, And the birds of spring-time sung. The garden's brightest glories By eunimer suus are nursed, But O. the sweet, eweet violeta, The flowers that opened first I There is no place liko the old placo, Where you and I were born, Where we Ufted first our eyelids, On the splendors of the mora, From the milk-white breaste that warmed us, From the clinging arma that bore, Wfaere the dear eyes glistened o'er us That will look lor us no.more ! There Is no friend like the old friend That Bbaivd our morníng days, Ko greeting Uke his welcomc, No homage like his praise ; Fame is the scen+less sunflower, 4 With gaudy crown of gold ; 3ut friendship is the brcathing rose, Witli sweets iu evcry fold. There is no love like the old love. That we courted in our pride ; Though our leaves are falling, fallinp, And we're fading sido by side, There are blossoms all around us, With the colorn of our dawn, Asd we live in borrowed sunsUine When the light of day is gone, There are no timos like the old times- They shall never be f orgot ! There is no place like the old place-' Keep green the dear old spot ! There are no friends like our old friends- May heavcn prolimg their lives ! There are no loves like the old loves - God bless our loviïig wives !


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