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Scnbners Monthly for Juue preseuts au attraotive bill of tare. There are : Old Landmarka in Philadelphia, by Mrs. B. H. Davis, with 33 illustrations, a paper iull ot interest and beauty ; Beds and Tables, Stools and Candleaticks, V., by Clarenoe Cook, with 8 illustrations ; Pilgnms and Puritana, by Tryon Edwards ; How America was Nained, illus.; Union College, by Williani Wells, with 16 illustrations ; Soine Experiments in Co-operation, II , by Charles Barnard ; The Love of a Hundied Years, by George Parsons Lathrop ; Charlotte Cushman, by John D. Stockton ; and poema by Kate Putnam üsgood, Charles Carroll, Sara H. Browne, John Vanee Cheuey, ü-eorge Houghton, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, and H. H. The editorial departments are fi lied with spicy and enjoyable tit-bits. But we have passed over the two leading papers, Philip Nolan's Friands, by Kev. E. E. Hale chaps. XV.-XVII., in which State secreta are told and a snare set for Capt. Nolan ; and Gabriel Conroy, by Biet Harte, chapters XXXVIII.-XLIII., in which some of the principie characters are carried through excitiug scènes and the curtain dropped in the wrong place. Sckibnee & Co., New York. The Catholic World has : Germán Journalism, - eevere on the " reptile press ;" Dr. Brownson, a review of the Ufe and labora oí that eminent, but not very stable, publicist, recently deceased : Hammond on the Nervous System, uot entirely a complimentary review ; Some Forgotten Catholic Poets, Are You My Wife '{ - coucluded, Tliomiatic Philosophy, Sir Thomas More, The Eternal Yeara, The Wild Rose of St. Regia, Hobbies and their Riders, and other scholarly and trenchaut articles. The Catholic Publication House, New York. The tlnrd (or Juue) nuniber of tiie Record of the Year is on our table. The portrait oí the number is that of Mark Twaiu, and one of Mark's recent efforta is the text, or cause, of an article on " Horse-Car Poetry." The diary of important events of the month (March) ia quite iull, and the literary seloctions cover a wide range, " from grave to gay, from lively io severe." Among the most noticeable papers are: Dana's Letter on the appointment to Ëugland, Belknap convicted out of bis owu mouth, Anecdotes and Habits of A. T. Stewart, Baruey Williams and Tlieatres tifty years ago, The Second Carlist War, The Cougressional Summary, Stock aud Gold Quotations, etc. There are many beautiíul poema, with incident and auecdotes: in short 110 largo and aandscimoly printed pages chock full of good things. Frank Mooie is succeeding in making a " Scrap Book " worthy ot preservation. $ö a year. G. W. Caklkton & Co., New York. A Good Investmknt. - Will be exhibited at the Opera House on Monday and Tueaday evonings next, May 29th and 3üth, a Panorama of the Duited Statea for the past hundred years. It i?, empliutically, a centennial work - a complete encyclopedia, illustrated by magniiicent paiutings- of the growth aud prosperity of our country ; contrasting the past with the present, and vividly portraying the leadiug events of the revolutionary war, the appearance cf our citiea and villages as they then were and as they now are. Every picture will be explaiued by the lecturer ot the panorama. We can uonñdently commend this entertainment to the liberal patronage of all claves a-j both instructivo and amusing.


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