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[From the Virginia Chronicle.} Yesterday afternoon the novel centest described below took place at the race course : GBAND WILD-CAT CHASE. A MATCH HAS BEEN MADE Between Bing Williams' Bull-Terrieb Dog "Paddy" and a WüDcat, -At the- Eace Tkack, Sünday Aftekncon, Maï 7, 1876, at Two O'Clock. The tenna of the match are as followa : Williams bets one hundred dollars that his dog will catch the cat and kill him in thirty mimitea after being let looae from his cage. If the dog turns f our times he loaea the match. Matt Bean, Proprietor. At about half-past 3 o'clock the track and stand were crowded with nearly 3,000 spectators, and a few minutes afterward the fight began. The end of tho cage containing the cat was knocked in, and the bull-dog made a vicious dasli into the box, bringing the wild cat out hanging on to his head and nose with its claws. For the first five minutes the fight was tolerably even, but at the end of that time the cat was so disabled that it keeled over and fought the remainder er the batfcle on its back and sides. The tactics of the bull-dog were rather scientific. At first he worried the cat around the forelegs and foreshoulders for about four minutes ; then he tackled the head and upper shoulders, and ñnally the back and breast. After about twelve minutes' fighting the dog frequently stopped to catch his wind, meanwhile walking in a circle arourd the prostrate cat to prevent her eicaping. Daring some of these intervals the dog's backers seized the opportunity and sponged him. Ssverfl of the outsiders, sympathizers of the cat, yelled out vociferously, " Sponge the cat !" But evidently the cat did not understand the charitable kindness, and met the sponging with a vicious clawing and spitting. At last the dog satisfied himself with getting a bite wherever he could, and in twenty minutes from the commencement of the fight the wild cat gave up the ghost. It was hard to teil what bite killed her. She seemed to have died from a loss of blood and receiving too many bites all over, admimstered too viciously. The bull-dog never turnee! at all during the fight, but stuck to his post as a bull-dog generally sticks. At the end of the battle it was hard to teil whether he was a dog or a cat. During the first five minutes of the fight thfe cat had clawed and bitten him fearfully. His head and back wcre streaming with blood, and he was scratched all over.


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