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A New Deal--exit Croswell

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The Free Prest of Monday last exposd a conspiracy to bring about a change n the República gubernatoiial proramme. The Hon. C. M. Croswell, of Adrián, was entered for the expcutive ace souie mouthg ago, th several proosed candidates against hiiu had one y one doclined to put up the entry ëe, and it had come to be the sottled conviction that he [Croswell] waa to walk over the coursa. But, according ;o the Free Press, a Ropublican conference was held at the Russoll Houge, Detroit, on the 2óth uit., the Jeromes beïng the leading spirits, and the vunerajle William A. Howard bsing present, at which it was determined to bring out the said Howard, and with the aforesaid Howard'g consent, as the man for the crisis, and make him a oaudidate for Governor. The " orgaus " have played " mum," evidently hoping that the story would be consiilered a huge newspaper "joak," but confirma tion of its essential truth comes from other quarters. The Bay City Tribune of the 27th of May, a journal which had nominated the Hon. James Shearer as a candidate for Governor, published a letter from that gentleman declining the profferec hunor, and thereupan proceeded to place the ancient Howard in nomination, deolaring " we are authorized to say that he will accept." Thig " new departure " is variousl; interpreted. By soms it is said to mean the overthrow of Ferry and the election of Cbandler to the Senate whilo others can see Ferry's downfal but behold Bagley climbing over hi prostrate body and winning the Sena torial toga. If the Jeromes " were thar " it is a diversión in Chaudler's in terest, and bodes good to neither Cros well nor Bagley, unless the foimer is to be tickled with a nomination for Con gress provided he will gracefnlly an( without a whimper " git rieht up ant git " out of the Governor's chair airead; considered his. We shall see what w shall see. Mr. Tarbell, the oandidate put forward for Superintendent of Public Instruction by the School Superintendents, is reported as inclined to decline, hia candiducy interfering with that of W. K. Bates, previously entered for Lieut.-Goveruor. And Bates, it is nnderstood, will have to try titles with Hon. D. H. Jerome, also a Saginaw oían, the latter gentleman Leiiitr the favorite of the ring who bring out Howard for Governor. QüEBEC was the scène of a destruc tive ñre on Tuesday. Seveu hundred buildings were burned, several uves lost (children), and the losses estimated at over f 1,000,000. Cause : children playing with matches.


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