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Stray Dogs

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AU stray dogs in Paris are taken to the Prefecture of Pólice, where they are examined and divided into lots accord ing to their valué. Those of high breec are well cared for, as it is known tha tho owners will soon appear and pay handsomeiy for their board and lodging. Those of a good breed, but less valuable, are also treated handsomeiy, as at the sale wuich takes place weekly they wil fetch a good price ; but the worthless curs, which constituto the largest portion, are taken to the Fourriere, or Municipal Pond, where they are left without any fpod for two days, and are then, if unclaimed, or if they do not die in the meantime of hunger, hung up by hooks fastened in their throats, and tortured in the most cruel manner. Thb Philadelphia horse railways are capable of delivering 40,000 people an hour at the Centennial grounds.


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