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The people have stood almost as mucu peculation as was possible for thora without incurriug absolute ruin and bankruptcy. If sevarer tests are, for some time to come, applied to public officers hore thaa anywhere elae in the world, it will only be because of the grpfitpr looseness to which we have been subjected. For the future honesty will be the best policy, in politics as well as in private life. The uian with tho clear and uiiassnilable rooord is the man who is going to attain to public Btation of all degrees. - Han Francitco Bulletin, (Bern.) There are abundant materials out of which to oonstruct a glorious platform at St. Loua. A platform at St. Louis not pledsfing the party to honest money for the people is suru to be fatal in defeat. " Home Rule " simply ineaiiB 110 more puttiug the States to death as is Louisiana by Washington bayonets, and no more dragonades of the people by a party in thö power of the Government to control elections. Free Trade is what the experience and practices of most of the nations have illustrated as best and wisest for the public good, the proeperity of nations, and fair dealing in trade and cotnnierce. - Mobile Register [Dim.) It i not that Samuel J. Tilden is any more devoted to reform thun many thousands of Democrats and Republican whosustaiu him. It is that he has the courage of endeavor and the genius of exeeutiou which enable him to attain the purpose which all bars at siatusmen who inight be named whose eiindidacy would go far to assure the people of the oarnestness f the party, it seems to us tbat only one hag been so thoroughly identified with political reform as to be able to lift the party up into the confidence of the people. That man is Gov. Tilden. The feeling of the people is that the conntry would be saté in his hands as the executive. - New York Trilmne. The only obstacl now left in Mr. Tilden'e way to the Presidency is the two-thirds rule. Eefuse to adopt that, and the Demoorats may count upon certainly electing the next President. Keadopt it, and defeat niay be our reward. The injustice which would thereby have been done to Mr. Tilden would result in no good to the party or to the country. - Richmond Dispatch. If the St. Louis Convention il wise its first act will be to repeal the twothirds rule. TTnless it shall be ioimadiately repealed there is great danger that it will produce feelings and resulta which will lead to defeat. It is not Democratie. It is contrary to the spirit and principies of our Government, and we cali upon the St. Louis Conventiou to bary it with the dead rubbish of the buried past. - Atlanta (Qa.) Constitution. ! When the same club ofiicers come round to Peter Cooper week alter week for money to buy toroh lampa with, the old man begins to suspect that the greenback nomination is an empty honor. When a villainous-looking, shorthaired gentlenia froin a dirty ward a8ks the old gentleman if ha will set up soinething for the boy, Peter no longer wonders that Horaoc Greely died young. - Afew Orleans liepvblican. The Wisconsin fiends of ex-Senator James 11. Doolittlo hope to seo him i nominotod at St. Louis for the VicePresidency. St. Louis might do worse and Cincinnati can't do half as well, - #. Y. World.


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