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Rats In Burmah

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Thore appears to be a flnc opening for terrier doga and active cats in British Burmah, which, aocording to the annual report of the chief commissioner on the adtninistration of that country for 1874'75, lately issued, is in sonie parta overrun by rats. These animáis make periodical visitations to certain districts, where they are not only a serious nuisnncc, but owing to their voracity reduce the inhabitants to a state bordering on starvation. The Karen district, cast of the Sittang river, was ngain afflicted with a visitation in the shape of a rat pingue, whieh caused alarming ravages and sueh a deficiency of the food supply that the unfortunate inhabitants were reduced to a precarious subsistence on greon bamboo shoots and jungle roots. Their affection for their rat-infested home was, however, so groat that they could not be indneed for some timo to immigrate to the district of Tonngoo, where ampie provisions liad been made for tüeir susteuance, and lived, or rather died, on their bamboo shoote and jungle roots; for, owing, perhaps, to the indigestible nature of this diet, the mortality aiuoiig them is roported to have been oxci.ssive. Tlio rats have duriug the current season sought fresb pastures, and the Knren district is now free from these unwelcome visitors. TnÉRE arrivert in Port Byron, N. Y., a few days ago, a man who had just boen released from a long imprisonment iii the State prison in Auburn, N. Y., and who during hia confinemont had been exorci8ing his skill in carving. He had flve ships all fiilly rigged, several castles with grounds laid out, and three bottles which contained bones linely carved and put together in a beautiful shapo after being placed iu the bottle, one at a time. EiiECtbicity has replacod gas in ligbting a railroad depot in Paris, and the experiment ia satisfaotory as to practioability and elieapaess,


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