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I HLllll 1 UNÍ I. The following is the disposítion of cases in the Circuit Court during the past week : JURY TRIALS. Phelps & Bigelow vs. Chas. Whitaker; assuuipsit; verdict, no cause of actioo. Sixty days granted in which to file and settle bill of exceptioua. Jane Eaton vs. Murray Holmes; slander; verdict, no cause of action. Ten days granted to file a motion tor a new trial. Christian Hoffstetter va. Henry Paul ; on promissory note ; verdict tor plaintiff. for Ï48U.32. F James S. Eeynolds vs. Continental Insurance Co.; verdict tor defendant under instructions from the court. John E. Fowler vs. Lemuel Clark ; verdict for plaintiff for $150 CBIJtlNAL. Peopla va. Michael Sullivan ; burglary and arceny ; verdict, guilty, witli recommendaion to mercy. People vs. Edward Bums and Wm. Bearaan ; ïorse steahng ; plead guilty ; dismissed under suspeuded sentence. People vs. Evan and Oapre Begole ; maiciously destroying toll gate ; continued to next term. M ISCELL ANEOUS . Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of Anu Arbor vs. Clark & Cropsey ; keepiug victualiug house without hceuse; trial by the Court; found guilty; fiued Í25 or 30 days in jail. Sixty days granted in wlach to file aad settle bill of exceptious. Mary Selina Allen tb. Gideon Allen ; decree of divorce grauted. Patrick Callan va. Catharine Callan, decree oí divorce grauted. Mary Phelps vs. Jolm Muelilig et al.; judgment on defaiüt for $559.16. H. Eckstein vs. Hugo and Otto Munch; judgmeut on default for $187.15. David Honeywelt vs. Joseph Warner; final udgment entered for plaintiff for $140; forty days granted in which to file and settle bill of exceptions. Chas. C. and Catharine Bachman va. Franklin D. Cummiugs, plea withdrawn and judgment entered for plaintiff for Í240.91. D. Cramer, Assignee of J. & F. Muehlig, vs. Emanuel Mann ; chancery ; referred to Thos. Ninde to take proofs. - Two " tramps " put in an appearance at the Abous office on Tuesday mormng. Had walked from .lackson, and hadn't any money to pay for breakfast with. Wanted work or " help." (Jave one a case, he set about a thousaud, " accepted " a ñfty cent shinplaster uuder promise to return as soon as he and bis comrade put themselves outside of a lunch,- which they are probably yet engaged in doing. He (the one we gave " a take ") said he was sure of somethiug in the Tribune office if he could get to Detroit, but we hope he will earn it before he gets it.