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Centennial Bells

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Ye belfy'd black6mith9 in tlio air, 8ruite your swcet anvils good and slrong ! Ye liona in your loíty lair. Roar out froni towcr to tower, along The w-rinkled coasts and scalloped seas, Til] winter mects tbc orange breezo From brida! lands that always wear The orauge-blossoms round their hair. Ocntennial Bells, ring ou ; Pour out, y! goblfts, far and near, Yonr grand melodious iron flood, T;U pino and palm shall thiuk they he ir The axos siuito tho stately wood, Nor dreani the ineasured cadeneo m iant The cloct-tick of the coutinentl The foot-fail of a world tliat nears The ñeld-day of a huudred ycars, Centennial Belte, ring on 1 Te blossoms of the f urnace lires, Ye iron tulipa, rock and swinff, The People'n Primal Age expires, A hundred yearB the rciguing kin Kt i ilto one, ye hammeïs overhead, Ye rusty tonguea, ring off the red, Ring upthe Concord Minute Men, liing out oíd Putnajn's wolf again. Centennial Bella, ring on ! Where prairies hold their ftowery breath IJke statuea in the marble ledge- Whore mountaina set their glittering teeth ThrouRh wido horizon's rugged edge, And hola the world with granito grip As steady as a marble lip, And herc, and there, and everywhero, With rhythmio thunder strike the air. Centennial Bells, ring on ! Ring down the curtain on To-day And give the Past the right of way, Till flelds of battle red with rust, Shine through the ashcRand the duBt Across the Age, and burn as plain As glowing Mará through window-panc. How grandly loom like grenadiers These héroes with their hundred jears ! Oentennial Bells, ring on ! Ring for the blue-eyed errand boy Tliat quavered up tho belfry stnir, " They've sigued it ! Signed it !" aud Ule joy Rolled forth as rolls tho Delaware. The oíd man stal'ted írom a dream, Hls white hair blew, a silver strearn, Above his head the bell unswung Dumb as a morning-glory hung ; The time had come awaited long, Hls wrinkled hand grew young and stroug, He grasped the rope as men that ürown Clutch at the lifc-line drifting down, The iron dome as wildly flung As if Alaska's winds had rung. Strange that the founder never kucw, Whcn from tho molton glow he drew That bell, he liid within its rim An anthem and a birtliday hylün. So rashly rung, so madly toesed, lts old nieïodious volume lost, lts thrilled horizon rent and cleft, Of sweet v-ibration all bereft, And yet, to liear that tocsin break The silence of a hundred years, lts ruüe diBeordant murmura Bhako Aud rally out tho soul in elieera Would set me louging to bc rid Of sweeter voices, aud to bid Centennial Bells be dumb ! -, Although no mighty Muscovite, No iron welkiu rudely hurlod, That bel! of Liberty and ltight Wis heard around the Babel world Land of the green and golden robo ! A tbree-hours journcy fot the Biihj Two oceans kiss thee round the globe, Fp the stecp world tlly rivers run From geologie ice to June. A hundred years from night lo noon ! In blossom stül, like Aaron's rod ! The clocks are on the Rtroke of one, One land, oue tongue, one Flag, oue Ood ! Centennial Bells, ring on I


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