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The following is the disposition of cases in the Circuit Court during the past week : Jas. S. Reyulds va. Hartford Fire lus. Co.; trial by jury; verdict for plnintiff, for $3,340.08. Defendant granted until f urther oraer of the Court to üle and settla bill ot excaptions. A. W. Wnght vs. Hugh Richards et al.; trial by jury commenced ; plamtiff voluntarily subinits to a non-suit with leave to more to eet :he same asida. Andrew W. Gnffin vs. Henry Johnson and V7rn. Lee Yost ; ejectmeut ; argued aud submitted. June Eaton vs. Murray Holmes ; time ex;ended in which to move tor a new trial. Albert Congdon vs. Orville and Francis Lincoln ; judgment lor plaintirï for $105.17 against Orville Lincoln. Leonard Vaughn vs. John A. Volz et al.; udgment on detault for $275.06. John R. l'owler vs. Lemuel Clark ; linal udgment entered. Dafendant grauted la days n which to move for a uew trial or to file and ettle bill of exceptions. Levi P. Rose vs. Andrew J. Sutherland and Wm. W. Whedon; ;udgment on default for Í5.S03.84. Jas. S. Reynolds vs. Continental Fire Ins Company ; plaiutiff granted until further orer of the Court in which to üle and settle bill f exceptions. People vs. Michael Sullivan ; convicted of mrglary and larceny ; sentenced to State Prisn for the term of three years. Martin Bish, of Ann Arbor towu, and John M. üustershop, of Ypsilauti, admibted to citienship.