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DRUGS. H. i. Tremaine & Co. (SuccoiKOri to R. W. KLUS & CO.) ANN ARBOR, MICH. A FIRST CLASS Drug Store. DRUGS AND DYE.STÜFFS, Patent Medicines, TOILET & PERFUMERY ARTICLES Presoriptions Compountlecl ut AAI Hours. Cor. Main and HuronSts. 1564 CONTINENTAL LIFE INSURANCE GO. .A_nrmal Statement, JANUARY I, 1875. Accumulateil Assets '' '' '.' -' Lifihilitics, inclutling reserve 5,843,S Surplus bclot(fin(f to l'olicyholders 7.ÍÍ Annunl incotne 2f820,3 Atiiount of Insurance in forcc. . .54,9989 THIKTY 1UYS OF GR4CE ALLOffE ON PAYMEST OF RENEWALS. No restriction on Travel. Prompt and liben paymont of claiiun. CLA.IMS l'AID IN 1874, 1600,000. Total drath claims paid in last elght years a,ooo,ooo. G. A. WATKIXS, No. 10 Bank Bleek, Detroit, M;nañor ítív Tichigao. JOHN SEAltS, D:st. Agi-nt, Aun Albor, Mcb. 1538 FIRE INSURANCE. INSUKE VOUR HROPEETY WITH FRAZER & HAMILTON, Wbo represent the followmfr safe and trustwortby Fire Iusurauco Companies : FIRE ASSOCIATION OF PHIIADEL,l'HIA, Incorporated 1820. Asets, Jan. 1, 1876, - 83,289,798.91 AMERICAN m INS. CU, OF PHILAUKU'HXA, Incorporatcd JS10. Assets, - - $1,250,000 westchesterIibeins.cí. Assets, - - - $859,700 i Northwestern National FIEE & MARINE INS. CO. Assets, - - $881,425.53 Michigan State Ins. Co. OF jTUUjYN. Assete, - - 327,193.88 The State Insurance Co. OF TuAJSTSING. Asaete, - - - $175,09) OFFICE OVER THE SAVINGS BANK. Ann Arbor, Miehisan. 1568 "THE VIBRATOR" 10OOSOLD LAST SKAS'N WITHOUT ONK FAII.URE OK KJlJECTIOÏ Thia la the famona Tlirenliin; martin") that!" "swept tho field " and creatod euch a ivvolution i11 Irado, bj it M.1TCHLE8S GbaIN-SayINO ANP TlXE-Si1' ing principie. íHSHtfflRMJvEVVIBIfATOlC THE ENOBMOUS WASTAOK Of ritiin. wilh otlicr ríijltí of Threhhers, c;m bo 3AYKD l1)' " Improvcd MachiTi", .w;ï, on crcry job, lo me" " pay M cxpcntes of turrehing. FLAX, TIMOTUy, MIM.DT, HÜNGAKIAN { Hko (jpods aro threfihcd, acparatod, cloamil and M caelly nnd porfootly lis Whc;it, Oat, Kyo or Br'0-'AN EXTItA PBICE is ïisnally paid for frtiia d soeda clcancd by ihi.s machine, for extra cleanlintIi THE WET GRAIN of 187S, theso venaMt üally tho ONLÏ MACHINES tbatcouM run WiP or economj, Joíiik fast, tborough and utriect " wten ótherê utlerly faited. ALL GRAIN, TIME aml MONEY wosting coBP'leí tlon, auch aa "Endlesa Aprona," "Raddlcs," "Dwl" " I'ickors," ote, aro ciiíirtíi diipaued vllh; ls lW one-half tho usual Gcare, Bt-H, Boxen, and Jour" easicr managod ; moro durable; ligbt runiiiiiR;!"1 ly remin; nodust; no " littering " toclra ui1, 'c troubled by adverso winds, rain or storms. FARMERS Rnd GKAIN RAISERS who are ff in tho largo aaving mado by it ill not DiploJ J rior and waetoful machinen, bnt vrili insitt on improTcd Thresher doing thoir work. FOÜB SIZEa mado for 6, 8, 10 and 12 Ik Powera. Also a epocialty of SKPAKATunai deéiS" and made Expatsatr ron rteah power. TWO STTLE8 OF HORSE POWEB9, viz.: onr g provod "Triple Goar,"and our "Spur Speed" O01 bury Style), both " Mounted " oafonr wheels. IF INTKBESTBD in Threshing or Grein Bl ipply to onr nearoot Dealer, or write to us fbr l"1 tfii Circular (sent freel, giving full particular o s"1 . 3t7les, Prices, Terms, etc Nichola, Shepard S Co-, BATTLE CBJ3EK, " These unrivalerl machiuOR mul extras nreí' ' íiliod at lowost faotory prices by MOSKS JiOCft1"1 mi Arbor, -Mich,


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