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The publicatioii's of all kinds described in the "American Ncwspaper Directory " for 1876 are represented by 7,626 titles. In many cases several editions are issued froni the same establishment, under substantially the same name, and in the figures just stated such several editions aro couttd as bnt one. The Journal are the most numerous, there being ,"487. Next in favor stand the Times. These number 310. There are 302 Heraldo. The Ni ws number 298. The total of the Gazettes is 276. The Demócrata come next in point of numbers, 268. To offset the Democratie phalanx there are 211 liepublieans. The Advertisers number 92, and are naturally most frequent in localities where the populaceis the most enlightened and Progressive. There are 122 Advocates. This name appears to be a favorito of the religious publications, and at least threefifths of the total are borne by religious papers. There are 60 papers known as the Argus, and with this qunntity of professed eye-power, it is amazing that the frauda heretofore existing for years were not sooner discovered. There are 58 Bulletins, which are undoubtedly perused with care by the 51 Citizens described in the "Directory." Of Chronicle there are 89, wliile 143 Couriers stand in expectancy, ready to depart with 34 Dispatches. There are 89 Enterprises, most of them being located in the West. There are 45 Expresse, 34 Farmers, and 20 Globes. One of the latter is the Hint Globe of Michigan, and another the Golden Globe of Colorado Territory. Just 133 papers keep on the safe side by being Independents, though 49 Leaders are ready to direct them. Thero are 34 Zedgers, 47 Obëervers, and 16 Pilots. One of the latter is the Storm Lake Pilot of lowa, and another the Lone Rock Pilot of Wisconsin. Each of these is remarkably coincident in respect to the name of the place and the name of the paper. There are 59 Poste, 122 Registers, and 95 Reviews. The country enjoys the guardianship of 144 Sentinels, one of which is tbe Lone Tree Sentinel of lowa. There are 76 Standards, 84 Stars, 50 Suns, and 93 Tribunes. Among the unusual or striking titles are the Bistoury (Elmira, N. Y.), Jimplecutc (Jefferson, Tex.), Luxapüilan (FayetteC. H., Ala.), the Card Basket - a society paper - of Washington, the Hope Star of Jlope (Ark.), Thistleton's lllustrated Jolly Giant (San Francisco), China Mail and Flying Dragon, the Elm Leaf (East Hartford, Oonn.), the Eulenspiegel (Owl's Mirror) of Chicago, Jefferson Republican, the Southern Cross - a Catholic paper - of Savannah, the Egyptian Press (Marión, 111. ), Hoosier Patrón and Lady Granger (Indianapolis), Hoosier State, Union Spy - there is only one, Condenser, Meschacebe, Wide Awake - a literary paper, Iron Home (Ishpeming, Mich.), Morgan' s Watchtower (Mt. Pleasant, Mich.), the Ricochet (Oxford, Miss,), Bleet ter und Kladdcradatsch, the Schneddcrdcngg, Frccdman's Monitor and WbrkingmarC s Ljooking Glass (Philadelphia), the I. C. B. U. Journal (aiso in Philadelphia), the Four Counties of Bichmond, Texas, the Ventilator and Golden Rule (Mannington, W. Va.), Eurhetorian Argosy (Sackville, Ont.), Stylus, Lady Egin (Elgin, 111.), Over the Country, Pajaronian, Aurora Brazileira, Neighbor's Home Mail, Psyche, Madisonensis, and the Alpine Chr oniele of Süver Monntain, Cal. To these may be added the Toledo Blade, Burlington HawkEye, Cape May Ocean Wave, Braad Ax of Freedom, Sentinel on the Border, JJnterrified Demoerat, Spirit Lake Beacon, Homer's lliad, Horschead's Journal, Painted Post Times; Roman Citizen, and many others. Names popularly supposed tobe frequent are in fact rare. It occasionally happens that the prominence attained by a single paper with a certain name brings the name so muoh before the people that it grows familiar to the public mind, though there may realty be but few papers with the same designation. What the journalistic faucy of the Centennial year will devise in the way of newspaper titles is uncertain.


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