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DRUGS. E A. Tremaine & Ct (Succftjsori tfl E. W. ELLIS k CO.) ANN ARBOR, MICH. A FIRST CLASÍ Drug Store, DRUGS AND DYE STUFF! Patent Medicines, TOILET & PERFUMERY ARTICLE! Prcsoriptions Corapounded AU Hours. Cor. Main and HuronStí CONTINENTA] LIFE INSURANCE CO, Annual Statement, JANUARY I, 1875. Aceumuinted Asseta $6JSS5,S1 I,ahi!ities, inrlurliny reserve. . . . 5,843 Surplus belonglng to Polieyhiilditra TUS Annual income -.'.v.'".:; Amount of Insurance in farce. . .,14.!)9S,S THIKTY DA.ÏS OF (iBACE ALLO WE ON PAYMENT OF KENEWALS. No restriction ou Travel. Prompt aud litara payment of claims. PAID IN 1874, SOOO.flOO. Total death claims pald iu last clght jan ;;,ooo,ooo. O. A. WATKINS, NO. 10 3Sank Block, Detroit, 2Iu Dager for Michigan. JOHN SEAUS. Dist. Agent, Aun Arbor, Mlct. 1538 FIRE INSURANCt iksuke your ritoPEiiry W1TH FRAZER & HAMILT05, Who represent tho followin safe and tnietwortlj Firo Insurance Companiea : FIRE ASSOCIATIOE OF PHILADELI'HIA, Incoriwratert 1820. Assote, Jan. 1, 1876, - $3,289,798.91 AMERICAN m INS. Cl Of PHILADELPHIA, Iiicorporated 181U. Assete, - 1,250,00 WESTCHESTEÏFIEI INS.fl Assets, - - - $859, Northwestern National FIKE & MAKINE INS. CÜ. Assete, - - $881,425.5) Michigan State Ins. Co OF ADRIÁN. Assets, - - 8327,493. The State Insurance Co OF L-AJSrSKSTG-. Assets, - - - $175,05 OFFICE OVER THE SAVINGS Mft Ann Arbor, MU'higan. 15fi8 "THE VIBRATOR" 10ÜJ SOLD LAST SKASiLS ■WITHOUT OXK FAILIUE üli KÜJECTIO-N TIn is the füinons Tbreahing maclnns thatW 'pwopt tho fu-ld " and croatfd nucii a revolufion Mj nule, by its matchless Ghain-öavino am Tise-1' no principies. tHs.SHEPARDSJJgVIBRATOIÍ THKKNOBMOUS WASTAGE of grain.foi"-';,' vitholher tttjles of Throshors, can be 8AYED tf' mproved Machinf, mJRcicnt, on ei-aif job, tú more )ay uil expetuft of thryshing. FLAX, TIMOTHT, MILLET, HÜNGARWS ike seeds aro throshod, cpamted, clcancd aD oa casily and perfoctly as Wiioat, Oats, Byo or W. AN EXTRA TRICE is usually pald for prai acede clcancd by this macbino, for extra cleaniint IN' THE WET GKAIN of 1S75, tlirao wcrcwK' Ually tbo ONLT MACHIKKS thai coold run witbF or oconomy, doing faet, thurougb and perfect when athcr.% ttilcrly faiïed. ALL ORAIN, TIME and MONET wnstlng wffl tinnB, such os "Endiosa Aprons," "KaddlcB," "B " Tickere," etc., aro enlirchi dúpemed witk ; le "Í onf-half tho usual Goare, Bclta, Boxm, ond Jou"1: oasier maaagcd ; moro durable ; libt running ; np , ly rrpaire; Do.doBt; no" littorings" to clean oPi troublod by adverso windii, rain or storms. FVRMERS and GRAIN BAKERS who tf f?f ' In thn largo saving mado by it will not emply 3! nor and wastoful macbinra, bnt will ,wií o lniproviKJThrpflhor doing thoir work. rOÜB SIZEIS made for 6, 8, 10 and 12 "'' Poivcre. Also a epecialty of Separatoj tl1 aud mado nxntF.ssr.Y ron steam powëb. TWO STTLES OF HORSE POWEKS, vil.: OW proved "Triple Qear,"and our "Spur Spoed" (" lu ry Stylo), both " Mountod " on four wheele. IF INTERESTED in Threshing or Graln Big apply to our neareet Dealer, or write to os for M'H".,j tl Circular (sent frpo), giving full particulart o' 6" Stylts, PricpB, Ttrmn, etc. NiciioU, Shepard L Co-u BATTLE CBEEK, Thec unrivaled inacbinos ami rxtrnH r(i,..Ri plied at lowest factory prices by MOSKS RO"!' Anu Arbor, MicU,


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